I thought this whole style blogging adventure would just be about thrifting and clothes.  As it turns out, I am learning so much – about myself, about style, about knots, about community and about technology!  Every day I discover another fabulous blogger, and I’m constantly trying to figure out the most efficient way to stay up-to-date with as many as possible.  I finally got me a “Bloglovin” button and now I need to “claim my blog.”  People, I have no idea what that means but if it enables me to read more with ease, I will do it. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Another thing I have discovered since starting my thrifting project is a love for dresses.  I have a few from VV Boutique and I love that paying less means better cost-per-wear and more freedom to wear them for the ordinary day rather than “saving” them for a special occasion.  I find dresses easier to wear than shorts and crop pants, and if I can wear them gracefully with three little kids and working with preschoolers, anyone can.  For the “Five Days Five Ways” challenge, I’m sharing the dress that taught me that thrift stores could provide current trendy pieces in great condition: my mustard high-low dress:

Just like with my orange pants, I didn’t even have to try to find six different styles for this dress!  I have worn it more than I’ve blogged it and I can think of several more styling possibilities just sitting here.  If I wasn’t in my jammies with dirty hair and yesterday’s mascara, I would try them and snap some photos.  You’re welcome.  You know what it would look awesome with?  My small square scarf.  I’m going to have to get my diva on and change my clothes three times a day!   


  1. The second and sixth outfits are my favorites, especially since there is a sequined top.

  2. That dress is so unique and fun! I love that you’ve styled it to enhance it! You’re super creative.

    For the record, you look just like Jessica Chastain. That’s a good thing–she’s gorgeous!

    • Wow Whitney, those are such kind compliments! Please pop by ANY TIME!! hee hee Thanks again for the link up – I’ve been telling everyone! Love it!