Lately I’ve been consumed with:

  1. Pinspired March Round 5
  2. Helping my kids with homework (hallelujah thank you Jesus it’s Spring Break now)
  3. A political system I can do nothing about (i.e., vote) but am nonetheless affected by, greatly
  4. Trying to figure out what I can do for work whilst processing the loss of my career as an OT

Thankfully, I was able to get together with my friend Elisa who is one of the most inspiring people I have met, and that helped me to get outa my head, have some thrifting fun and remind myself that things change but faith remains.  That last part isn’t as easily depicted in photos as the thrifting fun, which we happened to have at a thrift shop new to both of us, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Resale Shop!

Both Elisa and I concur that we *need* absolutely nothing however it was fun to poke around and try on a few things and stumble upon a most excellent score which I’ll share at the end.

We loved how they staged the furniture!
If I had me a pick-up truck, I would have taken this home for myself I mean my daughter.
I did seriously consider these green chairs tho. I heart green.

This resale shop, like most little thrift shops, has a mandate to support local community outreach services and programs, and to provide affordable shopping for those in need and those who love a good resale shop.

It had a fair amount of new items which I assume to be overstock…

As well as plenty of the usual fare…

Housewares, mostly at good thrifted prices but with the odd high-priced item.

I was attracted to these pieces but I’m not sure where to put them.  Despite the giant Texas house, I don’t have much shelf space.

Loved this hand-painted plate! Elisa made a great suggestion to use pretty thrifted plates when taking goodies to a party, and then leave it as a hostess gift!  And now I need some parties.  Anyone??
I did score this jewelry box for $4.89 because I loved the colours and I *might* have a fair collection to go in it.

Love the 3 layers!

Speaking of jewelry, St. Vincent de Paul had a great jewelry selection that was actually accessible unlike at most Goodwill stores here.

I couldn’t help but walk away with a few trinkets…

The teal and grey strands were $3.47 and the turquoise one was $1.28.
And I got this cute little birdie pin for $2.36. xoxo

There was a good selection of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, bags, shoes and even a clearance rack!

You might guess that I found my thrifting first here… I did not, but I sure enjoyed rifling through these bags!
These look comfy.
I was so tempted to get this belt just because I loved the beading, the blue and green, the wood buckle, but I ended up leaving it behind. I’m not in a belt season of life right now, but looking back, I have regrets!!!!
You might also think I found my thrifting first in the scarves… I did not but I enjoyed tying the square scarves in this fashion. I’m trying to decide if this is something I would do in my real life.  Thoughts???
You may think I finally scored an authentic camel-hair blazer, not that I would need it here (it felt like 35 degrees today, y’all). I did not but I flirted with this one for a bit.
This was a fake fur which Elisa recognized right off the bat. I was too busy wondering how on earth anyone in Houston could ever tolerate a fur coat, fake or otherwise!
I tried on this #nwt wrap kimono-style dress and loved it but it was snug since I’m not a tiny Asian lady. It would look stunning over a sleek black dress but where oh where would I wear such an ensemble? (right back to needing parties)
I did however take home this J McLaughlin navy silk shift dress for $7.12. This is a local designer and similar dresses retail for over $200. Mine is in new condition and I LOOOVVVEE it.

*The* thrifting first that I’m talking about was actually a piece for Elisa since she’s about half my size!

She scored a beautiful blue silk Equipment blouse in perfect condition for $3.99!!!
I love this blouse so much and especially on Elisa! We had just finished discussing our affinity for blue pieces when we found this top! A similar Equipment top would retail around $228!!!

And that is the first time ever that I have found Equipment at a thrift shop.  I hope one day to find one for myself but meanwhile I’ll be satisfied with that navy blue silk dress!  All in all, St. Vincent de Paul thrift stop was a success! People often ask me, what is the best thrift shop, and truthfully, you never know what you’ll find where!  You can find amazing pieces at little hole-in-the-wall thrift shops or in big chain resale stores.  You just never know and THAT is the fun of it.


  1. Winteswhite

    The colorful bracelets are so fun! And the jewelry box seems to come in handy:)

    • nicole

      Thank you!! I do get a lot of use out of my bracelets since I wear about 4 a day! Right now I haven’t decided where to put the jewelry box – my jewelry is in my closet but if I put it in there I can’t enjoy the box as decor! First world problems!!!

  2. What you said is true, you never know what you will find and where and that is the fun of it. Even in the same store, you can find nothing or have a great score. I’ve never heard of Equipment, but I’ll have to keep my eyes opened. I never realized how many brands I am unfamiliar with until I started thrifting and started reading blogs and researching (and there is still a lot I don’t know).

    • nicole

      You and me both! It’s true that reading blogs and (old fashioned) magazines helps us to get familiar with labels. I now can at least eye quality even if I don’t know the brand, and then I quickly do a search to inform my purchasing decisions!

  3. I echo your friend’s suggestion about buying serving pieces at thrift stores and using them when you need to bring a dish to someone’s party. When my kids were in school I was forever having to bring cookies or whatnot for concerts, assemblies, ETC. I always found a pretty or interesting dish at a thrift store to serve the goodies. So much better (and cheaper) than a plastic serving piece from a party store. Love your posts.

    • nicole

      Thank you for your kind words!! Yes Elisa is wise and I can’t believe it never occurred to me before! I’m now keeping my eyes peeled for pretty potluck pieces!!

    • Whoops – we’re ALL amazed at your awesome ness &

      • nicole

        Awe thanks y’all! Wait till you see what I found for myself the other day!

  4. nicole

    I don’t know if a 44 year old woman SHOULD pull off pigtails!! But I’ll keep it in mind! haha I have worn small square scarves in the past and am open to trying them again! We shall see!