I was tempted to call this post “Undressing With New Friends” then thought that might inspire the wrong kind of traffic!!  But that’s exactly what I did last Saturday with my Thrifting Sisterhood gal Adina at her annual clothing swap!  The lovely Adina has been hosting a clothing swap in March for the past TEN YEARS – that’s longer than Pinspired March, longer than I’ve been blogging, longer than many long-term relationships, longer than “sustainable fashion” has been in vogue, and longer than Instagram has even been around.  Good things last and I am so happy Adina’s Swap has lasted this long because this is the first year I have attended – in the nick of time because I’m fresh out of clothes.

did manage to part with two large bags from my closet and some ladies took some of my pieces for a second (or third!) chance at life!  It honestly makes me so happy to see my pieces carry on to a new home!

I was too busy having a wonderful time to take a lot of pics – but that’s okay, right?  We are supposed to be putting down our phones and just living in the moment, right?  I at least got the money shot selfie!

#thriftingsisterhood xoxoxoxo  Adina looooovveesss it when I make her take selfies with me.    

The decor was lovely and snacks delicious!

Baby baby grand holding nail polish up for grabs!
There were also candy skewers and that’s when I knew I loved Adina.

I met many of Adina’s friends who are Clothing Swap veterans and enjoyed the always-lovely company of local thrift-fashionistas Jenn from Life Preloved and Shahna of @uincolour.

This top has been back and forth in the swap for years!!

We each shared our items up for grabs then tried our selections on for size!  It was great fun and I went home with a few pieces and some new wisdom.  Let’s start with the wisdom!

A tip from Jill – hang your clothing inside-out on the hanger and then any unfortunate hanger bumps won’t stick out!  Brilliant!

Adina swears by her home dry cleaner and Tina by her home steamer and recommends the Rowenta model (but stay away from Conair)!

More than one of us ended up trying our own pieces on and taking them home again! #mfeo

Shahna mesmerized us all with her talk about colour palettes and how the right palette influences clothing and makeup choices… (And now I’m scheming to get her to do a proper colour analysis on me – though I’m a bad student and will likely end up doing whatever I feel like anyway #over40style…!)

Guess what?!  These ladies call “oxblood” burgundy!!  #mypeople

And lastly, when discussing and trying statement or unique pieces like ponchos, fuzzy vests and the like, we concluded that you can wear whatever you want as long as you own it.  #justdoit

There was a fair amount of clothing swapping hands and closets, but we ended up with a quite a pile to donate!

My favourite swap piece is a kelly green skirt with pockets – maybe it’s because I have Spring on the brain!!

Styled up for Pinspired March!

Thank you Adina for hosting a fab party doing my fave thing!  See you next year?!!! 😉


  1. Would love to see all your finds, piece by piece! I love clothing swaps.

    • nicole

      Hopefully I can get them all photographed in time for my March haul recap! Stay tuned!!

  2. Claire Theaker-Brown

    Loooove this – awesome score on the skirt 😀 I just learned that WIN House also takes (and needs) clothing donations for women and kids; we’ve got a donation box at Flatter:Me HQ ’til the end of March if you’d like us to drop off for you!

    • nicole

      That is awesome! I’ll let Adina know. You Flatter:Me babes are so awesome and supportive of the community! Love it.