I love the local community of thrifters, especially when we wear different sizes look out for each other’s thrifting needs…  And so it came to pass that I found a vintage blazer for Adina, author of Blue Collar Red Lipstick and inspiring Instagrammer, and she found a J Crew blazer for me!  We met up earlier this week for the blazer exchange, to pass along a few other goodies to each other, and so I could snag an Anthro brand Edme & Esyllte silk skirt from her Shop My Closet page.  I wore it the very next day because I have the patience of a 13-year-old with new clothes…

Styled with my purple polka dot tee $4, coral peep toe wedges $7.70 and She Does Create coral pendant and arm party.
Styled with my purple polka dot tee $4, coral peep toe wedges $7.70 and She Does Create coral pendant, earrings and arm party.

IMG_1124 IMG_1121

My take on this skirt isn’t so different from Adina’s.  I too went for pattern mixing – but florals and polka dots rather than florals and stripes.  I too envision it with chambray and several other pieces from my closet!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!

Obviously, I had to have this skirt and I can’t wait to wear it again (especially since my air cast is now OFF!!!!).  It was a pleasure chatting with you, Adina, and shopping your closet!  Remember, I got your thrifting back!



  1. Rose by His Grace Reply

    Wow, that skirt is fantastic!  The colours indeed are so you!  It could
    literally inspire a hundred outfits!  Thrift friends are the greatest! 
    Interesting enough, all my thrifting companions are different sizes and
    style choices than me.  Safety and wisdom in that, I think!

    • Thank you for your comment!! I have been having troubles with comments so only just saw it!! YES that skirt is fab!! And I later found her some Salvatore Ferragamo shoes! I think spreading the thrifting love (well, all love!) is better than keeping all the scores to yourself!

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