I love the local community of thrifters, especially when we wear different sizes look out for each other’s thrifting needs…  And so it came to pass that I found a vintage blazer for Adina, author of Blue Collar Red Lipstick and inspiring Instagrammer, and she found a J Crew blazer for me!  We met up earlier this week for the blazer exchange, to pass along a few other goodies to each other, and so I could snag an Anthro brand Edme & Esyllte silk skirt from her Shop My Closet page.  I wore it the very next day because I have the patience of a 13-year-old with new clothes…

Styled with my purple polka dot tee $4, coral peep toe wedges $7.70 and She Does Create coral pendant and arm party.
Styled with my purple polka dot tee $4, coral peep toe wedges $7.70 and She Does Create coral pendant, earrings and arm party.

IMG_1124 IMG_1121

My take on this skirt isn’t so different from Adina’s.  I too went for pattern mixing – but florals and polka dots rather than florals and stripes.  I too envision it with chambray and several other pieces from my closet!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!

Obviously, I had to have this skirt and I can’t wait to wear it again (especially since my air cast is now OFF!!!!).  It was a pleasure chatting with you, Adina, and shopping your closet!  Remember, I got your thrifting back!



  1. Sandra Couture

    Seriously. I WANT this skirt. I LOVE this skirt.

  2. Shannon Ebbesen

    Everyone wants to shop your closet Nicole U0001f618

  3. Rose by His Grace

    Wow, that skirt is fantastic!  The colours indeed are so you!  It could
    literally inspire a hundred outfits!  Thrift friends are the greatest! 
    Interesting enough, all my thrifting companions are different sizes and
    style choices than me.  Safety and wisdom in that, I think!

    • nicole

      Thank you for your comment!! I have been having troubles with comments so only just saw it!! YES that skirt is fab!! And I later found her some Salvatore Ferragamo shoes! I think spreading the thrifting love (well, all love!) is better than keeping all the scores to yourself!