Let’s just pretend it’s April 30th and I’m not #alwayslate, agreed?!  I had some fun thrifting in April and scored some pieces that made April outfits and are going to see plenty of wear time in May as the weather gets warmer here in Texas! Here they are…

Casual tee, forgiving fit, one dollar.  Scored while shopping with Elisa and Adina which was a dream come true.
Same trip, same store, also a staple, also one dollar!
Same trip, different store, also one dollar!  I wore it with distressed denim recently and congratulated myself on the juxtaposition but didn’t get an ootd photo so you’ll have to take my word that it worked.
Same store, linen shorts, $4.98 which is 500% more. #perspective
Here they are in fine Canadian action! (“Shorts never photograph very well” said my happy crotch.)
North Face dress WITH POCKETS for $6.98 which I styled rather nicely with #matchymatchy accessories but again, didn’t take a photo. #badblogger
Just shared how I found this Rebecca Taylor silk top for $16 at April’s thrift store of the month.
Peach tank for $4.60 which looked awesome with my olive shorts, no photo. 😀 Scored while thrifting with my thrift gang.  It’s a thing.
Green tank $3.80 scored during the same trip, which will look awesome any day now with most of my skirts and shorts!
$3 cropped wide leg pants which have become a fast favourite! They’re so easy to wear!
And my Houston Moms Blog outfit – $7 dress and $5.45 leather slides, scored on different thrift stops but obviously made for each other!
New-with-tags Lula Roe dress WITH POCKETS for $8.98. So easy to wear and I love the retro vibe!
I also got a robe this month for $6. It’s Gilligan & O’Malley, perfect condition and perfect as a light layer in the cool AC or when climbing out of the pool (sorry, not sorry).
The score of the month was this Eileen Fisher jacket in perfect condition for $10!! I loooooovvvveee it (even if I have to wait till December to wear it)!
Got this cool graphic tee from Thred Up as part of Project Remade. So hipster in it you forget I’m 44 (I assume).

That’s all the items… I bought!  I also scored some great pieces at the clothing swap I hosted in April FOR FREE…

Land’s End puffer coat. It got COLD this year in Houston! Plus you never know when I might pop up to Canada!  Also got lightweight sporty shorts which is as close as I’ll be getting to athleisure wear.
Peacock blue Michael Kors pants! Now, I don’t really want pants but I hear rumours that my stint as trophy wife is winding down. Momma might have to wear “work” pants and she gonna need some new pants to fit her Texas arse.
If one HAS to wear pants, best that they’re ankle crop and FREE!

Fresh out of light gauzy scarves exactly like this.
Fresh out of orange crossbody bags made in YEG!
Fresh out of clutches for when you need to constantly hold something.

Ready for the grand total?!

  • Vanilla tee $1
  • Black tank $1
  • Floral top $1
  • Eileen fisher blazer $10
  • Rebecca Taylor silk top $16
  • Green tank $3.80
  • Peach tank $4.60
  • Red shorts $4.98
  • Cropped wide legged pants $3
  • North Face dress $6.98
  • Floral dress $7
  • Lula Roe dress $8.20
  • Peacock slides $5.45
  • Robe $6
  • Thred Up poetry tee $20
  • 8 swap pieces
  • TOTAL: $99.01 for 23 pieces = $4.30 per piece

I did get some “expensive” pieces this month but thankfully the free clothing swap items balanced it out!  I might add that I cleared out quite a few pieces from my closet for the swap and have already started gathering pieces that will go to the next swap!

Enough about me – what did YOU thrift in April?!!  (The score is sweeter when it’s shared.)  (I inadvertently just explained Facebook and Instagram.)


    • nicole

      I forgot to look when I wasn’t in bed!! I’ll have to tell you later – someone at the Strathcona Market!

  1. Heidi McBride

    Great finds! I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  2. Great swap scores! Also the green top and Lula dress, so cute!

    • nicole

      Thank you!! Should I get a job, at least I know I have some pants that fit!!! Swapping is so much fun! Have you ever been to one?!

  3. Holly McJannet

    Great finds Nicole! Sending good vibes from the YEG!

    • nicole

      Thank you!! I had an “I miss Canada” day (*might* have been related to the $800 in dental work my daughter needs, insert crying emoji) so the good vibes are much appreciated!!!