It’s November and that means one thing, at least around this little corner of Internet: it’s time for the annual Closet Minimalism Game!!

Closet Minimalism Game by The Spirited Thrifter

What is The Closet Minimalism Game?

I have played the Closet Minimalism Game for the past two Novembers. Each day in November, I issued a “purge prompt” on Instagram

Purge prompts from the Spirited Thrifter's Closet Minimalism Game
Just a couple examples of the purge prompts – there were 60 in all!!

The objective of the game was to edit our closets day by day, prompt by prompt, and throughout the process, hone our style and achieve minimalism in the true sense of the word… where everything you have holds value. Minimalism by that definition remains my objective even though, this year, I’m approaching the game differently.

The 2018 Closet Minimalism Game

This year, instead of daily purge prompts, I’m doing 4 hard core weekend sessions where I take y’all live into my closet and we go through it together. You see, I need the moral support. I’ve been in Houston for more than a year. There are no indications that we will be returning to Canada anytime soon. My work roles are even more casual than the relaxed dress code I enjoyed north of the border. Anddddd, most of my clothes don’t fit. All that is to say, it’s time to let go of the pieces I’ve been hanging onto.

I did the first live closet editing session on Instagram last Saturday but made a huge oversight and neglected to save the video before it disappeared into the Instagram abyss. So, instead of sharing it here, I’ll share what I talked about!

As I’m going through my closet, I’m sorting my clothing into 5 categories:

  1. Keep – pieces that fit, that I like, that fit with my current style aesthetic and feel good when I wear them
  2. Sell – pieces that don’t fit for whatever reason but have some potential to sell in my Poshmark closet
  3. Swap – pieces in good condition that might work for someone else in my circles
  4. Box – pieces that don’t fit but that I still love and am not ready to get rid of
  5. Donate – pieces that are ready to go be loved by someone else

Last Saturday, I started with tops. I went through all my tops – short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, t-shirts, blazers, and tank tops. I already have a sizable pile in each category! (and a lot of empty hangers which just makes me want to go thrifting!) This coming Saturday, I’m going through bottoms – pants, shorts and skirts. TBH I’m sorta dreading it and will probably need an afternoon cocktail or three to get through it. It is emotionally wrenching to face the undeniable changes in my body and wardrobe . It’s true, it’s not just the bod; it’s also that I’m in style no-man’s-land. I have been feeling bored and boring with my style. That’s one of the main reasons you’ve been seeing less style posts here. How many times can I show you shorts with a top, sandals and accessories?? However, I think a kick in the closet will help! Getting rid of the dead weight will hopefully lighten my spirits and shed some new inspiration on whatever is left. You have to weed the garden for it to grow; you have to prune the vine for it to bear sweet fruit. Blah blah blah.

How can YOU join the Closet Minimalism Game?

First of all, catch up to me. Go through your tops and cull ruthlessly. Pretend like the entire Internet is watching you and there’s no denying that one lace top is just too short. 😉 Use the same categories as I did or make up your own but DO embrace those R’s and reuse/recycle. DO NOT JUST THROW OUT YOUR CLOTHES. At the very least, put them in the recycle bin but that should be the last resort.

Secondly, tune into to Instagram on Saturday for the second installment of this series – I promise I’ll save the video this time!

Any questions? Anyone want to face their fears pants along with me?!

See you Saturday!

xoxo Nicole

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