I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I live a life of glamour.  My Friday nights are wild and craaaaazzzzzyyyy.  As I type, I’m wrapping up the *fab* movie, “Agent Cody Banks” with my 3 kids and hubby, all of us in jammies and I’m thinking to myself how Sortilege goes better with cookies than wine, but maybe not white wine…?  The musings of a fashionista.  I digress. 

February is all about from Day to Play!  I’m focusing on showing different ways of styling the same piece – whether that be for work to weekend or day-off to date-night!  Today, I wore a vintage wool sweater for a nice Friday off with my kids – it’s Teacher’s Convention which means there’s no school while the teachers learn and I take 3 kids to a calm Walmart.  Win win…?  I digress.  My first look:

all VV Boutique
The pattern on the sweater is so gorgeous but the shape is so very vintage with the dropped shoulder, narrow waist, and, er, mock neck collar, so I added the white collar top to balance things out…
I think it helped!
I’m preppy and I know it.
But who’s kidding anyone?  That nice white shirt is simply not that comfortable for momming around.  What I actually wore for my day is:
Black Miz Mooz boots and black tee from my closet plus a navy scarf $3.50 because
Now, despite not actually going on a date, I got dressed for one!  I’m not sure how exactly to make a mock-neck wool sweater sexy, but I tried.
A black pencil skirt never hurt anything.
Suede BCBG booties never hurt anything.
Hair not in a mom-ponytail and dangly earrings never hurt anything.
My husband happened to be sitting there when I was putting on my fake-date outfit and he was the one that suggested the skirt.  There is something inherently sexy about a pencil skirt.   At least that was the message I got from my hubby.  Wink wink.
So there you have it – two fake outfits, one fake date…
And one vintage sweater from day to play!

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