December is a crazy month.  First there’s the rush to finish all the work before school holidays start, then there’s the screeching halt of work and squealing wheels of Getting Ready for Christmas, then there’s the gaining 10lbs in about as many hours, then gearing up to finish everything from 2015, with a couple of days to spare after 2016 shockingly arrives (wasn’t it just Y2K??).  But, because I’m dedicated, I spent my $48.55 December budget with plenty of time to spare!  Here’s the breakdown:

Goose Dress
Spense goose-print dress $5.60
Thrift a Gift
Everly red “dress” $4.20
Grey polka-dot dress $9.10
UK brand tunic dress, new-with-tags, $9.10
December thrift haul
Naturalizer boots $12.60
Crocheted scarf $3.50
Crocheted scarf $3.50
Retro-vibe flower print scarf $2.80
Retro-vibe flower print scarf $2.80
Wood and mother-of-pearl necklace $1.40

Four dresses, one pair of boots, two scarves and a necklace!!  That’s pretty darn good for less than fifty bucks!!

  • Spence bird print 5.60 dec
  • Everly red 4.20 dec
  • Grey polka dot 9.10 dec
  • Green uk 9.10
  • Naturalizer boots 12.60 dec
  • Knit scarf 3.50 dec
  • Green floral scarf 2.80 dec
  • Necklace wood 1.40 dec
  • TOTAL: $48.30
  • Balance: $0.25

Woot woot!  I finally did it!  I finished the month in the black!!  Ummmm, I might *also* have received some thrifted gifts, like a fab silk dress and mustard cardi and some extra thrifting money!!  That doesn’t count in my budget!!  In fact, pretty much everything I scored from my Christmas gift-thrift funds will be perfect for…. BLACK OUT STYLE!  

Black Out Style

Yes, January is that special time of year when I encourage everyone to put away the basic black and brighten up the bleak post-Christmas long winter month with COLOUR!  Yes, you – the one telling yourself right now that there’s no way you could ever give up black for a month – I’m talking to you!  You can do it!  Give your other neutrals a chance to play center stage, be bold and wear colour like a neutral, or thrift a few new colourful pieces!  Just like last year and the year before, if you participate in January Black Out Style 2016, tag me @thespiritedthrifter on Instagram, @spiritedthriftr on Twitter and use the hashtag #blackoutstyle2016.  Every day you participate, you will earn an entry into the Black Out Style prize by She Does Create.  I’m telling you now so you have a couple of days to wear all the black and then tuck it away for a month!  Until I can spend January on a hot beach somewhere, this is how I cope with winter!  Who’s with me?!

December Thrift Haul


  1. super_su

    love it all, but expecially the grey tunic – FAB

  2. Kimberly T

    Love the grey polka dot dress and that scarf!! Love that scarf! Nicely done staying under budget – I’m impressed!! U0001f60a