It seems like just yesterday that I went to January’s thrift store of the month according to the fundraising calendar “Houston’s Best Resale Stores.”  (Maybe that’s because I went back to MAM during Thriftapalooza!) I guess time flies when you’re having fun, and so, before February flew right by, my Houston thrifting sis Mary and I headed to the Charity Guild Shop last Friday.

Like MAM, the Charity Guild of Catholic Women Shop is a non-profit resale store staffed by volunteers with proceeds benefiting thousands of disadvantaged children in the greater Houston area.  It is a huge shop with furniture, toys, housewares, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and everything in between!  The Charity Guild Shop uses the same pricing system as the Guild Shop I visited with Mary back in November – the price decreases according to marked dates so if you are willing to take a chance on waiting, you can score some very good deals.  But even if you pay the full price at the earliest date, you will still do better than regular retail and your purchase pays it forward.  Shopping secondhand is a great way to exercise your consumer power!

That being said, I found the prices at the earliest dates to be a bit high but by the latest dates, competitive with the best thrift prices.  For example, the rugs started around $375 but after less than three months, the price dropped to $40.  Hardcover books start at $6 and end up 75 cents.  Bunnykins bowls started at $12 and finished at $1.50.  The Charity Guild is a great thrift shop for those who live close and can go back frequently.  I however, made my decisions knowing that I would not be returning soon.  Despite my success in finding some home decor (that gigantic silk tree!), I was not ready to buy more furniture for my home, so, surprise surprise, I focused on women’s pieces!  I inadvertently chose Go Texan Day as our February thrifting date and this coincides with the Houston Rodeo, so there was an ample selection of rodeo wear!

These were Adina’s size, should’ve got them for her!
I debated about this men’s Western shirt but I am not even sure I’ll make it to the rodeo and wouldn’t wear it any other time so I passed.
There were even “boutique” rodeo options!  Still no.

There was a great selection of shoes, bags, accessories and clothing, as well as a “boutique” section and special racks for Chico’s pieces.

But here’s the thing: there were no real treasures to be found because every piece has been vetted by the dedicated volunteers.  So really, the only way to score a designer item for a great price is if it has somehow lasted in the store till the latest date.  This took some of the fun out of it for me.  I like to be able to do some hunting of my own, to discover my own pearl in the sea of oysters.  As an example, Mary found a gorgeous Armani blazer for her gorgeous lawyer daughter…

Mary does live close by therefore decided to wait and go back when the price drops, and if it’s still there, she’ll buy it.

This approach necessitates “thrift faith” – faith that the right piece will go to the right person, regardless of circumstances.  (IF you really really really love a piece, thrift faith will tell you to buy it right away regardless of the price!)

Mary did score this beauty for her daughter for $4.50 and guess what…
First time I’ve seen Pendleton in the thrift stores!

Here are some pieces I spotted but didn’t take to the fitting room…

And about the fitting rooms, there is a system!

At least they allow 12 items in the fitting room! But there are no carts in the store!! I need to add some strength training to my (non-existent) regime if I plan to shop here regularly! lol
Here’s what I did take into the fitting room!  And here’s how it played out…
Cute pattern but…
NOT flattering.
Too big.
Too boring.
Anthro brand Sparrow sweater…
Too bad!
Too ruffly (another Sparrow sweater)
Too vintage
Too vintage AND too small AND too bad since it’s Pendleton (fyi, I am *holding* the skirt since I couldn’t even get it on!)
The blazer alone might have worked but it’s TOO HOT for Houston!
Too work-ish
Too horrible in every way even for $1.50
The only piece that I liked was this Soft Surroundings night-gown for $12.
$12 isn’t a steal of a deal compared to the sale price but I hardly ever see Soft Surroundings…
Although Mary found a beautiful Soft Surroundings coat! The only problem is that it was marked at $30 for the next few days which we both agreed is more than what we die-hard thrifters would pay.

Although it wasn’t the most fruitful of thrift stops, it was so much fun to search through the racks and visit with Mary!  AND, I did find one other awesome thing…

Go Texans!!

Definitely stop by the Charity Guild Shop whenever you’re in the area and support their worthy mission!!  And stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for March’s thrift trip of the month!

Thanks for another awesome day, Mary! xoxo  (we missed you Shannon!)


  1. I see Pendleton all the time in thrift stores here in NC – I’m surprised it is rare in TX and Alberta since you are more toward its source in Oregon. I love the vintage Pendleton tags. Unfortunately my skin is quite allergic to wool.

    • nicole

      It might not be rare in TX – admittedly it hasn’t been on my radar because TEXAS IS HOT Y’ALL!! I don’t see much need for wool (except Icebreaker which keeps you cool!)

  2. I see Pendelton here in Ohio occasionally. It is good quality but I have found the sizing small. Usually I have to go 1-2 sizes above what I normally wear. But as long as it fits well and is good quality I’m ok with it. Nobody knows what size it is but me.

    • nicole

      Well that makes me feel a lot better! I thought I was going to bust that skirt right open! And agreed, size on the tag is 100% irrelevant. Fit is what matters – fit your body, fit your personal style!

  3. I’ve found Pendleton fairly often at metro Detroit thrifts. They do run small, but I think sometimes they’re vintage. I just thrifted a Pendleton skirt, unworn with tags, a few weeks ago for…$3.99, I think? AT LEAST two sizes too small, so it’ll go to a less-round friend or eBay. Have yet to find Pendleton that fits me!

    • nicole

      Yep, I think that suit was vintage so I guess for a brand that runs small, and vintage which all runs small, it’s a double whammy! Never hurts to pass it along! Spread the thrifted love!! xoxo

  4. Enjoyed time with you! Your dressing room photos …. too good – I was seriously laughing seeing them, but also I LOVE how real & vulnerable you are – AND what great visuals – I can testify those were all taken in the same few minutes….! might not can wait till March ~

    • nicole

      Aw thanks!! I thought I would have better luck! You’ll have to let me know if the Armani and the jacket were still there when you returned! I hope so!! March is going to be AWESOME but we may need one more in between to go to that other one that’s not on the calendar. Am I making sense? I think I better go to bed! Thanks for being my partner in thrifting!! xoxoxoxox

  5. This was such a fun and truthful post! I dislike when thrift stores do that kind of timed pricing: if I was here first and found something good, I don’t want to have to wait for it to become more affordable! You’re so much better than I am about trying things on, too. Loved your series of rejected items: you have to know when to say no, right? Good calls!

    • nicole

      I have only ever seen the timed pricing here!! I get it to a degree – the higher prices end up benefiting more people – but it kind of bites when you’re one day away from a great find but can’t get back!!! And thank YOU for appreciating my honesty! No one could ever accuse me of being a perfect model!! Bwahahaha! I do have to say no – I have a big closet but sooner or later it’s gonna reach max capacity!!!