I discovered another cool thrift shop in Houston, The Flamingos Thrift Store! I went there last week with my friend Elisa and found a thrifting first!!

Vintage clothing BY THE POUND!

The Flamingos Thrift Store

Elisa and I had originally planned to go to the August “thrift store of the month” but since it was a little far for the time we had available, we looked for a nearby alternate and decided on The Flamingos Thrift Store. I literally knew nothing about this thrift shop so was surprised to discover that it’s a vintage-lovers paradise! There were racks and racks of vintage pieces with one flat price of $12.99 per pound!

Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
Cool decor throughout the whole store!
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
I heart vintage dresses!

Flamingo Thrift Store Houston Flamingo Thrift Store Houston Flamingo Thrift Store Houston

Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
If you’ve admired MY overalls and want your own, Flamingo Thrift Store is the place to find them!
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
And cowboy boots (not the drinking kind)!
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
All things vintage, sequinned and sparkly!
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
So many vintage men’s shirts! Elisa and I did wish the scarves were displayed differently so we could touch them and look at them better.
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
Oh my. Some things are better left in the past.
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
Is this vintage Eileen Fisher or just sparkly? Too small for me but a good find for someone!
Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
The decor was very cool! I loved it and would have spent more time looking around if weren’t for the very loud very hip music. My 70-something year old friend and I did NOT enjoy the volume.

I did try on one dress! Here’s a peek at the fitting room…

Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
And here’s the vintage dress WITH pockets AND handmade. I love it (and now need somewhere to wear it!)

At this point, I still wasn’t really sure how the “by the pound” pricing would go. I had in mind that I would not pay more than $10 for the dress; if you go, and find the price is higher than you’re comfortable with, don’t be afraid to make a till-side decision to put the item back.

Flamingo Thrift Store Houston
My dress came off a $9.99/lb rack so it worked out to $8.43!

Most specialty vintage shops I’ve been in have had much higher prices so Flamingos was a pleasant surprise. There were also racks with non-vintage items at fixed prices, e.g., skirts for $10. Flamingos has a little something for everyone!

I love vintage clothing but I do think folks who were old enough to wear the original item have to be a bit careful! The rest of our style game needs to jive or we end up looking dated rather than retro! That being said, I now know where I can go to find vintage pieces at a great price: The Flamingos Thrift Store!

xoxo Nicole

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Flamingos Thrift Store Houston


  1. What a great find! Vintage stores are usually so expensive here. Looks like lots interesting clothes and boots. Shame about the music, perhaps take earplugs or headphones next time

    Love your new dress!

    • nicole

      Thank you and great suggestion! I will have to put in my earphones and spend some more time combing the racks! They have multiple locations too.