Even before I moved to Houston, I followed Houston thrift-fashionistas and was thrilled to finally have the chance to join Pam’s Houston thrifters’ meet up last week!

You’re looking at @itspamdel @babblingbrandy @justinespring1 @msindependentgp who are all beautiful inside and out!
And my girls Mary and @lauriepopideas! United by thrifting!

We hit up Value Village – not to be confused with my beloved VV Boutique back in Canada which is the equivalent of Savers here in the US, however there are no Savers stores in Houston.  Which is NO PROBLEM because Value Village Texas was awesome!

It was a huge store with women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, plus housewares, books, furniture, accessories – all the good stuff!

There was not one, not two but three racks of dresses so I was in my happy place!

Never leaving!

I filled my cart with plenty of options then hit the fitting room.  Penis graffiti notwithstanding, the fitting room was roomy and had a full, er, rod to hang your selections.  Here were some of my no-way-jose’s:

It’s getting hot in Houston, but no 30 degree day would drive me to an unflattering tank top!
I didn’t mind this but felt it looked a little, er, Canadian. Not special enough to add to my collection.
Liked this Umgee dress/top/tunic BUT…
“Um excuse me ma’am? You forgot your pants.”
I’m always on the lookout for bathing suits, but one needs to be able to stand fully upright in a bathing suit no matter how nice the colour is…
There can be such thing as *too much* coverage on a bathing suit! This one looked like a tennis dress but when I tried to get a photo miming tennis, I looked like I was holding what was depicted on the fitting room wall. :O
Besides, the straps and fit were very weird.

I did find a few winners!

Jk. But the notion of a DIY sash has opened up possibilities for me. #MissTexasTrophyWife2018
$3 for the full set of Narnia books – yes please!
Green sleeveless top for $3.80 to replace my other green sleeveless tops which I like less than this one!
Peach sleeveless top for $4.60 because I can’t get past 1991. (That would be totally true if I wore peach and hunter green together!) #imold
And a new-with-tags Lula Roe dress WITH POCKETS for $8.20! Love the colours – peach and hunter green together HAHAHA – and pattern of this one!
You can earn points towards a discount with each purchase! Also, check out Value Village Texas Facebook page to stay up-to-date on coupons and sales!

After our successful thrifting, we headed to Snooze for some lunch…

They don’t call me spirited for nothing!
It’s always a comfort to be with other bloggers/instagrammers who see nothing unusual about boomeranging a friendly cheers!

It was so much fun to shop with fellow thrifters!  I can’t wait to do it again!


  1. stephanie tippitt

    Dear Nicole,
    It’s me, Stephanie, from MAM. We are having our quarterly sale tomorrow and Saturday where almost the whole store is half off. Then Sunday, we will be having a parking lot tent sale (store is not open) for additional sales from 11-3pm. Come check us out!

    • nicole

      Stephanie! Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know! I should have marked this on my calendar because I ended up booking appointments today and tomorrow and Sunday my daughter is getting baptized! I’ll see if I can bring the kids with me after school today!! The family that thrifts together… !

  2. Love the idea of a thrift gang! Keep having fun! Love the pocket dress.

    • nicole

      I think everyone needs a thrifting gang! Imagine what we could save in therapy dollars and shopping dollars!! And yes – buy all the dresses with pockets!!!