It’s the morning of December 31st where I live and I woke up too early, apparently so that I could spend some time musing on the past year (and not fall back asleep).  January 2nd marks 6 months since I moved to the US!!  It still seems hard to believe sometimes that I’m not just down the road from my friends, that I’m not at some nice VRBO and due to go home in a few days.

I would say my adjustment is coming along but still in process.  Some things I don’t miss about Canada: the weather (!), making school lunches, crappy cell phone plans, shoveling snow, the working mom juggle.  Some things I do miss about Canada: universal health care (!), friends and family, my job, Value Village.  There are no Value Villages/Savers here in Houston and I find this DISTRESSING!  Fix it VV Boutique!!  Meanwhile, I’ve been barely managing by thrifting everywhere else.  😀  I keep a list of my thrifted purchases and thought it was looking pretty long but when you consider it’s been half a year, it’s not so bad!  I’ve shared most of my finds here or on Instagram but thought I would catch y’all up with I’ve thrifted in Houston in the past 6 months and in the New Year, I plan to resume monthly thrift haul posts now that I’ve got my sea legs under me.  BUT FIRST, I am going to rant a little because it’s my party blog and I can cry rant if I want to.

The social media/blogging scene has definitely changed since I started this little ol hobby back in 2012.  Particularly, the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram feel like a great big mute button.  I have never been too motivated by likes and followers and all that nonsense – I don’t have to be because this isn’t my business, I don’t make money from it, I don’t need to show stats to anyone; I just amuse myself and promote something I believe in – secondhand slow sustainable fashion for the every day woman.  That being said, I’d have to be superhuman not to be affected by dwindling interaction but I’m not sure what to do about it.  I don’t fit into a typical mold on the social media scene.  I’m not representing a brand, you can’t go out and buy what I post, I am not young, not skinny, not plus-sized.  I can’t post beautiful designer things that are just pretty to look at because I can’t afford them.  I don’t have the best photography or, this might come as a shock, posing ability.  I’m pretty average and I thought that resonated with folks but maybe it doesn’t?  With the stupid algorithm, I can’t tell.  So, I wanted to say, I’m just going to keep on keeping on.  I will never pay for followers, I won’t bow to the algorithm pressure for paid promotions, and I am never not ever going to play the follow/follow me back/unfollow game.  If you are into that and follow me with that expectation, save yourself the trouble.  I am trusting that people who click the little follow or like button are doing so because they likey; that’s why I do it, so if I follow you but you don’t follow me, I DON’T CARE!  I’m not precious about that.  It boils down to authentic use of this crazy social media thing and in 2018, I want to encourage us all to use #socialmediaforgood and to be authentic.  I hope that also means we shift from perpetuating the fast fashion cycle to supporting slow fashion, sustainable brands, posts and influencers.  You count!  We all count and I for one sincerely appreciate every like, every follower, every comment and everyone who takes time to read anything I write.  Truly.  (Rant done, let’s look at some clothes.)

Navy tank for $1.25, teal Talbots tank for $3 and basic black tee for $6 (which was a little tight but perfectly matched the other skirts I purchased so I got it)
Talbots denim skirt for $2.
Pilcro shorts from Poshmark, $10 each and French Connection shorts $3.50 which are a bit loosey goosey so I’m still deciding if they suit a lady of a certain age.
$5 maxi dress from Poshmark because I CAN’T STOP. Poshmark is my favourite night-time reading now.  How do you like my pants around my ankles?  #lazy
$2 Fossil bag which I took home and threw in the washing machine and discovered…
It’s reversible!!!! xoxoxox

These are just the pieces that I haven’t yet featured on the blog or Instagram.  They all represent a lot o fun over the past 6 months!  I scored a total of 82 pieces at right around $6.84 per piece which sounds about right for half a year judging by years past.  It always sounds like a lot BUT in my defense.  (I don’t need a defense.  I do what I want.)

Cheers to self-assurance!

Each year, I choose one little word as a guiding resolution.  Last year in 2017, my word was Go which turned out to be rather apt right from January 1st to December 31st!  For 2018, my word is Abide and I’m looking forward to living that out in my new home, in my hobbies, in my faith, in my circumstances.  Abide with me, and let’s have a wonderful year together!


  1. I love ❤️ your ordinary posts! Keep up the good work!
    Cheers and hugs from #yeg

    • Thank you Su! You’ve always been such an encouragement and I appreciate it so much! Kindred spirits!!! xoxoxoxo Cheers and hugs from Katy (???#iah)

  2. My word for this year is trust. I enjoy reading your blog. I enjoy thrifting so I like reading about your great finds.

    • That is a great word! A few years ago, mine was truth! It is always amazing to reflect back on the year and see how one’s word played out as it inevitably does! Thank you for reading!!

  3. Pants around the ankles….Grandma Yoder taught me that long ago…or, it’s a family trait of efficiency. Miss you. Hugs to all.

    • Ha I never knew that! Guess I come by it honestly!! Miss you too and thanks for reading! When you coming for a visit?!!

  4. Majella Galway Reply

    I love your blogs!!!!! Please keep doing what you are doingl

  5. Love your blog. I worried that you would stop blogging after your move. I am very grateful that you didn’t. I enjoy your living in the States from a fellow Canadian’s perspective.

    • Thanks!! I know my posts slowed down during this whole transition but I don’t know if I’ll ever stop. It’s a great creative outlet and a wonderful hobby. We all need some of that for good life balance!! Thanks for reading!!

  6. I only follow three blogs and you made the cut! I enjoy your writting and also I am an OT so was drawn in immediately by that. You have inspired me to renew my thrifting game! Happy New Year!

    • I’m truly honoured!! Cheers to OT though I have to be careful now and say “I’m a licensed Occupational Therapist in Alberta, Canada” since I can’t get my license here. That has been the toughest part. Who am I when not an OT? Still haven’t figured it out. I have a neighbour a few doors down with an OT bumper sticker, and I’m thinking, no one has that unless they’re an OT, and I literally stalk the house waiting for my opportunity to introduce myself and chat about OT but so far I haven’t seen an actual person. I’m this close to knocking on the door and asking if they want to play, I mean if they want to talk about OT. 😀

  7. I love your blog of course! I check every morning to see if you have left me some inspiration. Miss you lots.

    • I am 100% sure you’d like Houston. Bring the whole fam. We will have fun. (miss you too, and thanks for reading)

  8. I appreciate your blog too. You have a very unique voice in the blogging community and I value your perspective. I admire you for following your husband and God into the new life adventure that you embarked on when you left Canada. I enjoy hearing how your life is going, and yes, I admire your outfits and sense of humour too. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much!! This means a lot to me. When I’m writing a post, I never think “try to inspire” or whatever but it is lovely to know that sometimes happens! Thanks always for reading!!

  9. I love your blog! As I was clicking on your post I was literally thinking, why aren’t there many blogs like this anymore? And wondering where I can find more. You know, just regular people with regular photos doing their thing. I hope you keep it up!

    • Thank you! And good question! I think blogs have gone by the wayside as people favour You Tube or even the longer Insta videos and Insta stories that weren’t available a couple years ago. I’ve also noted that many fashion blogs are basically just photos, no writing (or worse, crappy writing) so maybe people gave up on blogs thinking they are all like that…? I have started listening to podcasts more but when I’m interested in a topic (e.g., sustainable fashion), I search the hashtags then click through the links to find content I enjoy. Thanks for your encouragement!

  10. Echoing everyone here, keep it up please! 1) I was watching your insta story at the thrift shop (my faves) the other night and my husband overheard and was like “what in the world are you watching?!” I was like “I’m watching this woman thrift, it’s great.” He was like “that is the most niche interest I’ve ever heard.” I think he was secretly impressed. 2) i traveled to Austin last week and secretly wished it was Houston so that I could thrift with you! So basically, I’m a fan!

    • That is hilarious! Thank you for your kind words! I’m going to Austin this summer – we should meet up!! I think there’s even a Savers Value Village there!!!

  11. Love your instaposts and blogging. Do what makes you happy. Who cares what other people think… that is my 2018 mantra. 🙂

  12. Hi! Big fan, please do keep on keeping on! If I may make a rather personal request…could you do a post about your favorite underthings? Underwear, bras, socks, hosiery….the stuff you don’t thrift (or maybe you do? I don’t anyway 😉 My family thrifts most everything we wear, but it’s harder to stay away from “fast fashion” for those items and even harder to find good, lasting quality at good prices. I’d love to know your favorites, you have excellent taste!

    • Thank you!! And excellent suggestion for a post about “intimates”. I will try very hard to be mature about it. (I LIKE BIG PANTIES AND I CANNOT LIE) 😛

  13. winters white Reply

    I actually read because this doesn’t feel like the typical, cookie cutter fashion blog but the content is original!

    • Thank you – your comment means a lot! I try hard to keep original – I used to think “accessible” in my head but that’s because I’m an Occupational Therapist so I figured everyone would get what I was getting at (until my sister set me straight!). I appreciate you reading!

  14. I just discovered your blog (via Twitter–so there, big mute button!), and I love it! Welcome to the U.S. and happy thrifting!

    I wanted to ask if I may share your content on my Facebook group page. It’s a place where I sell thrifted fashion, but I am always looking for great content (read: REAL — I can’t stand all the fake fashion blogs) to share with my group members.

    Anyway, keep up the great writing, and keep on being yourself!

    P.S. I love this year’s word. That was my word 5 years back or so. I still haven’t landed on one for this year. But I’m leaning toward surrender. Or ocean. 🙂

    • Well that is good to know! Ooooo surrender is an excellent word choice, as is ocean!! Shivers!! Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement! The best way to share content to your FB page would be to follow my FB page and then share the links that I post there! Let me know if works for ya! And thanks!!

  15. Aw, I always love your posts – even if I’m a little late to the party this time!! It takes a bit of courage to be real and open and expose yourself to the world! Love you! ❤️ And love that Fossil bag!!❤️ So awesome!!

    • Love you too my friend and I just don’t think about how much I miss you b/c that’s how I cope. Avoidance. It’s in the Proverbs. And you have every right to be late – YOU HAVE A BABY AND THREE OTHER KIDS. Girl, if you form sentences you get my respect let alone read, clean the house, prepare dinner, etc.

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