If you already think I thrifted “a lot” in January, stop reading right here.  My thrifting mentor and big sis came for a visit in January and while the kids were in school, we did what we love doing together – thrifting.  We have compatible stamina for thrifting; in other words, both of us would be perfectly content to thrift all day everyday and we very nearly did.  In fact, I’m in withdrawal right now.  I’m dividing Houston Thriftapalooza into three parts because good things come in threes but I’ll tell you right now, the final leg is the most epic so stick with me for all three parts!

The adventure began with my sister’s arrival on a Sunday and after witnessing Texas hockey parents fist-fighting in the stands (a poor introduction to Texas, unfortunately), having an inaugural dinner out at the Galleria (a misrepresentation of most of Houston, if you ask me) and introducing her to our lovely hot tub (or “spa,” as y’all say), we were ready to hit the thrift shops on Monday morning.  Our first destination was MAM Resale and that was perfection.  

If you haven’t read about that wonderful thrift stop, click here and get caught up!  

It whet our appetites for more and Tuesday morning I took her to Family Thrift Center – not the outlet but the more organized, individually priced location north on Highway 6.

To say the least, Shannon was impressed with the store!  Some thrift stores can be lacking in plus-size options… not Family Thrift Center!  There were racks and racks in every size!  (imagine confetti falling from the sky right now)  We started with the shoes, ‘natch…

That’s where I scored my awesome super comfortable metallic flats for $7.57.
Also scored bronze leather Fossil sandals for $5.45
Metallics might be my favourite neutral!

Shannon scored 2 pairs of brand new leather Birkenstock-type sandals that were so perfectly her style, I kept forgetting that she thrifted them here and didn’t pack them!  However, I did not take a photo.  Bad little sister!  Generally, I was too focused on NOT MISSING ANYTHING in the racks to take proper photos but here are some pieces at Family Thrift Center that I enjoyed in the aisles without bringing them home…

I have thrift regret over this one.
The struggle is real (should have got this one too). WHAT WAS I THINKING?
I was born on Valentine’s Day therefore believe I have the right to wear as much cheesy heart print as I want. Alas this love heart top was too small. Insert broken heart emoji.
Coat of my dreams!!!!! Except I live in Houston now and we already had our once-every-nine-years snowfall.. 🙁
I will never forget this beauty!

Here are the pieces I did bring home!

Olive Billabong jacket for $7.57!
Eileen Fisher linen tee for $3.73.
New with Nordstrom’s tags Madewell tank for $6.56, regularly $40.
Loft silk-blend knit sleeveless top for $4.94. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger but I liked the subtle details and the soft fabric. I am hoping it will pair nicely with shorts and skirts in a couple of days/weeks when this nonsense cold Houston weather smartens up.

Try as I might, I could not keep track of Shannon’s purchases.  I should have made her take a photo diary logbook.  That’s it, you have to come back right away, Shannon! 😉

On Wednesday, we headed to Tomball to peruse the charming shops and go to TEAM Tomball Resale.

I scored a dark floral sleeveless top for $5…

I also added to my bracelet collection with some delicate purple strands for $2…

And I splurged on two black strands from Burlap Ranch because I love that store and they were 50% off.

Shopping local small businesses is a close second to thrifting, especially when their stock is NOT fast fashion.  Love me a good arm party!
We wanted everything at The Turquoise Door Boutique, but especially this mirror!!! xoxo

After we finished shopping, we stopped for sustenance in the form of pie at the Whistle Stop Tea Room.

Chocolate peanut butter pie. My fave and it would give Proud Pie here in Katy a run for its money.

When you thrift hard, you need to carb load.  #truth  Part 2 will cover our Thursday through Sunday shenanigans and Part 3 is when we clinched the win!!  What?  Oh yeah, this isn’t a sport and we aren’t Olympic athletes.  FINE.  *puts on thrifted gold medal


  1. Iris Needleman

    Love your blog. It’s inspirational

  2. Hallo ladies, part 1 already made me jealous, but all the best wishes from “windypeg” are yours………..shannon is missed so much, but i am wearing the reminder almost every day and thinking of her positive spirit…….enjoying part 2 this afternoon with a big grin and smile on my face……beate, winnipeg, manitoba……

  3. nicole

    Thank you, you make me blush!! We should meet one day at MAM! Fun times!

  4. winters white

    I love the silver flats (what brand are they, if you don’t mind sharing), the Fossil sandals and the floral top! Oh and the pie too:)

    • nicole

      Why thank you!! I shared the brand on Instagram but forgot in the blog post – they’re “Coach and Four.” Nothing fancy, a Stein Mart brand or some such, BUT they are super comfy and look great! I had a pair of silver metallic pointy flats that I recently let go because they were just too worn! Thanks for commenting!