I might be subconsciously trying to draw out my sister’s visit by spreading out the thrift haul reveal…  or I might have had guests and birthdays and computer issues.  Either way, I didn’t exactly intend to have such a break between Thriftapalooza 1 and 2, but it is what it is.  Picking up where I left off…

My sister Shannon came for a visit in January and we did some hard-core thrifting.  One of the thrift shops unique to Texas is Family Thrift Center – both the regular store and the set price-per-day outlet.  I took my sis to the regular store on Tuesday and wanted to take her to the outlet on the best day – Thursday!  Wednesday is 25 cent day and is a gong show.  Half the store is cordoned off and garments are just strewn on the floor.  It’s not enjoyable even for a hard-core thrifter, even for 25 cents.  However, the store is back to normal for $2 Thursdays with what I assume to be fresh stock!

Excited to share this awesome store with my sis!

The fitting rooms are blocked off at the outlet so we knew we wouldn’t be able to try on our selections, but we did our best in the aisles.

I’ve come to love Bobeau garments but this was decidedly unflattering.  Two dollars spent on an unflattering piece is two dollars wasted..
This *almost* worked – flattering cut, good colours BUT the animal print threw it off and made it look fuddy duddy. Pass.
This J. Crew sweater was just okay. It was a warm day so I was less tempted to buy sweaters!
I did however take home this Lands’ End polka dot tee! Two bucks is a good price to try a trend!
And I took home this New York & Co. knit black maxi/midi dress (on me). It is super soft and I thought it would be more camouflaging than it is…
When I wore it without clothes underneath (!), you could see the lumps and bumps IRL. In fact, when I picked up my daughter from the bus, she exclaimed “MOMMY do you have a baby in your tummy?” Uh NO. She said, “Oh I thought you had a surprise.” Uh NO. I resisted the urge to react poorly because I want her to know that bodies change and there’s nothing wrong with lumps and bumps, nothing to get offended about. Wouldn’t it be nice if, when she’s an adult, she doesn’t have the knee-jerk reaction that I had?

Shannon got a few pieces – she’s all about boho tops and kimonos, none of which I photographed.  Oops.  On our way home from Family Thrift, we stopped at the Goodwill just north.  A die-hard thrifter has a hard time passing by a Goodwill.  #fact

I still can’t figure my own self out. Half the time I’m drawn to bright colours and prints; half the time I want neutral basics like this A New Day knit v-neck for $3.  It’s hard not to buy something that looks good with the outfit you wore to the thrift store! #fact
Also scored this J. Crew maxi dress WITH POCKETS in perfect condition for $4 with the colour tag sale! Now, this dress is a size small. I’m neither pregnant nor size small, which just goes to show that you need to eye up a piece to gauge whether it will fit then try it on. You might just be pleasantly surprised like I was!
I love how dresses make for easy dressing!

At this point, Shannon had been in Houston for 5 days and was so sick!  We had to take a little break on Friday to rest and recuperate – and by that I mean, go to Target and have some tequila by the pool!

I made this for her using Sortilege and she was better the next day. If you’re feeling sick, you know what to do.
We also discovered this delicious Agavero tequila liqueur thanks to my new friend and tequila mentor, Bobette.

Shannon was feeling much better on Saturday just in time to watch my son’s hockey game which just happened to be scheduled right next to a Goodwill!  We had about 45 minutes to kill.  Here were the no’s (no time to take off my pants!):

I did find a couple of pieces, ‘natch.

Pink tee for $3.50
J. Crew light wash chambray for $4.20… not as roomy as I’d like but in perfect condition!  

It was a productive stop!  On Sunday, we had another thrifting break and family/pool day, and I put Shannon to work decorating my house but you’ll have to wait till Thriftapalooza Part 3 for the finished product since we found exactly what my house needed, something EPIC, on the last leg!  In fact, the last three days were more fruitful than all the previous days combined!!  Just wait!!


  1. Especially like that pink and white paisley print number. What are its details?

    • nicole

      I believe it was a Tommy Hilfeger dress and I liked it but didn’t love it for my current life! It was not stretchy!! I think it was $8.