It finally happened.  I was FINALLY able to go for a proper thrifting trip and it was exactly what I needed!  Though I am very blessed with a beautiful home and a pool here in Texas, there are tons of logistics to deal with every. single. day.  Today, I learned I could not get a library card until I have ID with my name and address on it.  Never mind that all the bills are in my husband’s name and that I haven’t been able to get to the DMV for my new license because I had to wait for a social security card and haven’t even had a vehicle until today.  Too darn bad for would-be book borrowers.

Picked up this new-to-me beaut at the end of the day and I hereby dub her the Vino Van! Now that I have insurance and registration in MY name, I’m coming back for you, not-so-nice library lady and I’m going to do some reading! So there.

Yesterday I learned I need to get a money order in order to get a dog license.  The day before our water got shut off, not, as I later learned, because we were delinquent in paying the bill but because we were delinquent in turning in paperwork we didn’t even realize we needed to do.  Tomorrow I’m going to try mailing something so I’ll probably need a nap to recover from that learning experience… sigh.  And that’s just a sampling.

Anyhoo, back to the point: I really needed some thrifting stress relief!  I chatted with one of my two current friends, Siri, who is great at guiding me around the city (the other is Alexa who plays music and wants me to shop on Amazon) and figured out a route to the nearest thrift store, a Goodwill.  It was only 6 miles away (about 10 km for my metric friends) but since I had to go on the freeway (is that what we call it?? I don’t even know), it didn’t feel very close even though it only took about 15 minutes to get there.

We arrived and that’s all that counts. I’m so glad my kids love thrifting as much as I do!

Let me start off by saying that it was seniors’ day so it was a hopping place!  It wasn’t the biggest, cleanest or neatest Goodwill I’ve been to in the US and I’m hoping I can find one that’s a little more like my beloved Goodwill Alberta stores back home.  The shoes and housewares were on top the racks which I don’t really enjoy.  I find it hard to shift between the clothes on the racks and the items on top.  What?!!  I’m allowed to have my thrifting preferences!!

I might have missed the other shoe offerings but not sure it matters since these Cole Haan’s were priced at $15. I thought that was high for the quality and the store. That would be about $19 CDN back home and I don’t think I ever saw shoes that pricey in my fave Goodwill.
They did have a small section of pictures but this painting was priced at $15 and others were similarly high-priced, if you ask me. There was also furniture in a small section in the middle of the store but it was nothing to write home about… literally haha.
They did have a fair-sized dress section!! Regular price $9.49 with one colour tag 30% off and another 75% off.  Dresses at Goodwill Alberta were $7 regular and colour tag sales got you 50% off.  I think Canada wins here, people.
Liked this new-with-tags dress but there was a rip in the shoulder. Bummer. I didn’t spot any Anthro or designer brands. Insert frowning emoji.
There were some vintage pieces mixed into the racks in the appropriate sections. These cute shorts were labelled a size 10. I’m a 10. Think I could squeeze my butt into those? No. No-er. Nope.
“Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!!” How do you say no to that face?
Yes, these are all now washed and sitting on her bed. Good thing since we were fresh out of stuffies.
Him too, Gerald the walrus, and another giant beanie ball, Gumball. Good thing their giant Texas bedrooms can handle giant toys.

In the Houston heat, I find myself reaching for loose cool pieces that don’t make me look pregnant and don’t require a special bra, so that’s what I was looking for.  I managed to find a few pieces to try on…

Decent maxi with one small flaw…
The seam was coming apart slightly and that’s all my eye would see. Pass.
Cute Olive & Oak dress but a tad small. For a whopping $9.45, I really have to love it! 😉
Loved this colourful shift dress but….
It’s a top on me. 🙁
Couldn’t resist the beautiful blue colour of this Banana Republic dress and even though it’s fitted it would have been okay in the heat IF it were one size bigger. I was sucking in as much as a I could. #sausagedress
Did find this a-line jersey swing dress, new with tags from Old Navy in MUSTARD! Win!! At 30% off it was $6.64.
Couldn’t resist trying on this Adrienne Vitadini skirt WITH POCKETS, but the big waistband bow was doing me no favours.
For your reference…

I found one top, this Old Navy striped tank with slits in the back. It’s stripey. It followed me around till I tried it on.  The skirt was too big unfortunately.  I heart mustard!  (Yesterday, I asked my son to grab my yellow scarf… he came back and said, “I wasn’t sure which yellow scarf you meant so I just brought you this mustard one.”  #raisingthemright)

And that’s it.  Two pieces, one million gigantic stuffed animals and a girl can survive another day!  I can’t wait to go to the other Goodwills in the area and the Family Thrift Center.  Value Villages or Savers as it’s known here are few and far between, sadly.  None is particularly close but with Vino Van and Siri, I can get anywhere now!  Well, after I get my EZ Tags for the toll roads…  I am a little surprised there are not more little thrift stores nearby, but maybe I’m missing something?!!  If you’re in Houston or Katy, let me know!!


  1. Freeway/expressway = multiple lanes in each direction that typically stays within the state and that has on-ramps and off-ramps
    Highway = usually fewer lanes than an expressway/freeway and may have regular intersections every few miles
    Tollway = an expressway that requires a fee to use

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Pam Scott

    I laughed, just love reading your adventures. Good luck with the library card lady. My latest find at Goodwill was a Vera Bradley crossbody in a retired pattern for $2.00,

    • nicole

      Great score!!! I’ll be the best darn library user in Katy! Jk. I’ll return things late but I always pay my fines promptly!!

  3. That’s it – I’m kidnapoing you. Let me know when you’re up for a serious thrift day in H – town. There are 4 others that I go to when I go to that particular location ……MAM on Bingle & a church one 1/2 a block from it – another GW on Long Point Road & a Family thrift right beside it. The Family Thrifts took me a few visits, but now I’m obsessed ….. there’s even an outlet! Whaaat? Nothing over $2.00.

    • Blalock road – not Bingle ‍♀️ …..anyway, there are tons of fun places!

    • nicole

      I think I’m going to the nearest Family Thrift today bc I need to recover from going to Katy Mills Mall. But let’s meet up soon!!

  4. What I’ve missed most since you left is someone who “gets” why I buy brands like Old Navy from thrift stores. I recently bought some flats that were NWT and my husband teased me because they were still $9

    • nicole

      People don’t get it. It’s not just about the bottom line!!! I walked through the big mall here yesterday and hated it. Fast fashion after fast fashion. Yuck. I need to go thrifting today to recover!

  5. Hey Nicole,
    Debbie from RBES in lovely downtown Devon. Holding you and your family in prayer for the transition to a new home, new state, new country. I am so glad to see you continue your blog from south of us. Please continue….just know that it feels like you are still close! Miss your gorgeous face and vivacious personality….have missed it for a couple of years in RBES………
    Sending hugs.

    • nicole

      Aw, I miss you too!! It is hard to share my favourites! 😉 Thank you for the prayers, keep ’em coming! I feel close to home, seems like my friends should be coming over any minute to enjoy all this with me. Sigh. Waiting to see where God leads me this fall…!