One of my favourite things to do on road trips is explore thrift shops.  (I’m sure that comes as a surprise.)  Though one might argue I could never have enough time in thrift shops, during my my epic Christmas trip, I truly had little time to thrift.  We were so focused on getting there that we barely stopped to use the bathroom (and buy American chocolate bars), then we spent sun-up to sun-down in Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios.  I did zero shopping – except for one-million dollars worth of kids’ souvenirs and an umbrella.  Only once we started our trek home did I finally take some time to thrift!  In fact, as we traveled through five states, I made a thrift stop in each and God-willing I can stay awake long enough to share them with you, one by one, this week!  First up…


I could not wait to hit the thrift stores!  The bigger the city, the better the thrifting or so it usually goes.  And in my observations, Goodwills in the US seem to be more plentiful than Savers/Value Village so as we said goodbye to our Anaheim home, I searched for the nearest Goodwill on Google Maps and that was Interstate Thrifting Stop #1!

Tons of shoes – always a good sign!
As I expected, I spotted some good brands! Not my size – er, my regular size OR my vacation size -boo.
This beaded and embroidered top was SO pretty but just a little too boho for my style.
I have never seen Torrid at the thrift store before. (it was a peplum otherwise I would have bought it for someone!!)
This Walter skirt had some great details AND POCKETS but it was a little snug at the hips. And unbeknownst to me, my hubby was thrusting a Lisa Whelchel AKA Blair from Facts of Life album under the door at the time of the shot making this one of the oddest photos ever.

I did find a pretty amazing thrift score…

JBrand Scarlett Seven Eighths Skinny crops for $10!!

And I found one other piece that I’ve been hunting for a long while!!  I plan to wear them tomorrow so if you’re curious, be sure to head over to Instagram where I’ll be posting them!

This thrift store was big and awesome! I bet I would have found more if I had more time – hard to delay your trip too much when there’s an 8-hour drive ahead!

All in all, it was a successful stop and a great send-off as we continued on our way!  I should probably go back… like this weekend… Sigh, I miss California…#takemebacktoCalifornia


  1. I love love love thrifting in the States! The best so far was New Jersey lol. We found SO much vintage glassware!!!

    • nicole

      I wonder if New Jersey has good thrifted dresses and shoes because I’m running low. #roadtrip