Let me start by saying that Idaho was NOT the highlight of my Interstate Thrifting.  I’m sure there IS good thrifting in Idaho, I just didn’t stumble across it in my half-hour stop.  Nonetheless, I chronicled my Intestate Idaho Thrifting for the sake of my project.  And I may have bought a fishing sweater.  What happens in Idaho stays in Idaho.

I decided to go to St. Vincent de Paul since we don’t have them in Canada and I’ve had fun shopping there in the past
Barbed wire around the parking lot isn’t usually a harbinger of good things (unless you’re on a farm and even then…)
Er……the merchandise off to the side???
And the entry. :\
I don’t mind the little thrift vibe, but the staff did not greet us in any way or even acknowledge our presence, and another customer scolded my son undeservedly and later told me a dirty joke. No and no-er.
A decent dress selection *might* have redeemed the situation but…no.

We left without buying a thing.  That almost never happens and I couldn’t let that be my last taste of Idaho so…

Idaho Goodwill saves the day!!
I loved these loafers but after following a cardinal thrifting rule and shopping the shoes first then wearing them around the store, they were sadly uncomfortable.
Idaho thrift offers some words of wisdom.

My kids found sustaining road-trip toys (i.e., silly putty) and I found a striped mustard long-sleeve tee – not photographed (yet) – and this…

Yes, I purchased this wool fly fishing sweater without trying it on, breaking a cardinal thrifting rule. What can I say… “when in Idaho”. Unfortunately, when I finally tried it on, it was too snug to make for a comfy camping sweater thus I will pass it on so someone else in Alberta can have a little taste of Idaho!

I tried hard, Idaho.  I scoured the dress racks and bags and tops and jeans.  I liked the Goodwill and saw some stylish thrifters on the prowl, so I know there are good finds to be discovered.  Just not by me, not on that day.  Better luck next time???!


  1. Teresa Kerr Reply

    We DO have St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores over here in Ontario! Some are now re-branding themselves as “Vinnies”…

    • Ha well thanks for letting me know!! When I’m in Ontario next I’ll have to check it out!!

  2. I found your blog through another blog, ‘bluecollarredlipstick’. It’s been fun to follow your thrift shop stops in the States. I still haven’t visited many thrift shops yet but you guys are motivating me to check them out. My main problem is that I do mostly online shopping these days due to time constraints.

    • Thanks for finding me!! Love Adina and her blog and her beautiful style!! There are actually on-line options for secondhand clothing and other goods. Thread Up, Trend Trunk, Poshmark, buy and sell pages on Facebook, garage sales, etc. You might find that a good alternative if it’s already your comfort zone! Otherwise, if you want to venture into a thrift store, go to a “big thrift” like Goodwill or Value Village/Savers and just shop one section, looking in the size about and below your usual (if you’re looking for clothing). This is a gentle beginning for new thrifters! (and quickly becomes addictive!)

  3. ReStitch, an online thrift store run by Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin, also just opened up and they have some good stuff.

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