As I sit here in my nice big house, I kinda miss my 13-day hotel life!  There’s something truly bonding about all being together in one room with so much less encumbering stuff.  I’m sure it would eventually get old, but as we checked out of our last hotel in Great Falls, Montana, on Saturday morning, I was pretty sad.  Therefore, I immediately went to the nearest thrift store for comfort which happened to be a big beautiful Goodwill!

Feeling better already!
This is about half of the store. Upon reflection, I declare this the nicest thrift store I’ve ever been to! It was clean, plentiful, well laid out, had friendly staff and great prices!! It felt like a giant Winners/TJ Maxx!
Hit the shoe section first as always! Spotted these Fryes (in poor condition but the price reflected it).
Marc Fisher…
These would have come with me if they were my size. Too big. WAHHHHHHH!!!!
I was all, I’m Cinderella lalalala, wooppeeeeee! And then my husband came along and said, that’s plastic and ruined the moment. #notthrifted #thriftregrets
A little worn at the back of the heel but methinks I found myself some “new” camping Toms!
And I got these NWT (new with tags) orange shoes because I don’t have orange shoes which means my rainbow is WAS incomplete!
I also wore these Sofft boots around for a while but ultimately decided against them. I have a darn good reason too, which I’ll explain next week!

Here are a few shots of pieces that caught my eye but that’s where the relationship ended!

Then I tried on a few pieces…

Spam tee – makes me nostalgic for my hubby’s old Spam tee he wore so often it turned to dust.

SO pretty. If I could have zipped up I would have shelled out the TWO DOLLARS for this one!
These jeans fit perfectly.  Not.

In the end, I gained two pairs of shoes and a renewed faith in US thrifting!  If I could offer one tip from this Interstate Thrifting experience it would be this: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!  Try another thrift store, try another rack.  Never give up – there is great thrifting to be had!


  1. That floral sweater is like deliciously wearable wallpaper. Tell your husband not to rain on your thrift parade!

    • nicole

      It was silk too!! If it wasn’t so short in the body, it would have come home with me!