Well I can’t promise timeliness, but I did aim to share my monthly thrift hauls in 2018 so here comes my January report… with a qualifier.  If you follow along on Instagram, you know that my sister just visited and we engaged in a 10-day Houston thrifting spree.  I plan to share all the shenanigans (which include her buying a Texas house) over the next few posts since it’s just so epic it will take more than one.  SO my January thrift haul is what I thrifted before she arrived.  It is what it is, no judgment please!

Black new-condition Eddie Bauer tee, $4.19 and my new favourite pants, Pilcro denim joggers from Thred Up for $21.25.
Bobeau cardi $4.19. Soooo soft, this brand is on my radar now.
Icebreaker Merino wool grey striped tee $20 which might seem like a lot until you realize that Icebreaker is very high quality, perfect for hot or cold weather, and tees cost $50 – and that’s on their best sale.
$3 Liz Clairborne mustard striped tee. I needed it because stripes and mustard.
$6 jeggings that have been my best friend lately (the rest is part of thriftapalooza so pretend you don’t see it)
Red cardi $7.80 from swap.com. I liked the little details like the ribbing and buttons on the cuffs!
Silk-cotton blend aqua cardi for $10 from swap.com.
NWT top $12 from swap.com. Now this one has a bit of an odd fit and is shinier than I realized (the drawbacks of online thrifting) but I have a way to style it in mind – stay tuned!  It has a bit of a 80s/90s retro vibe which, if JT’s Superbowl performance is any indication, will be making a comeback.
NWT black boyfriend cardi $10 from Poshmark.
Babaton joggers $16.15 from Thred Up
Anthro brand We Love Vera silk dress with pockets $7 from Poshmark…
Corey Lynn Calter cotton dress with pockets $20 from Poshmark. This is also an Anthro brand and both are a wee bit tighter than I expected! (are we sensing a theme? Not being able to try on clothes has its drawbacks) I love them both so much! I’m hoping they’ll fit by the time summer rolls around in 2 weeks. 😉
Pilcro chino skirt $10 from Poshmark.
And last but by no means least is this NWT Pilcro mustard skirt for $35. I know it was pricey but Pilcro is an Anthro brand and would run at least $100 retail, likely more. I’ve become smitten with Pilcro – I like the casual vibe and forgiving fit. The pieces are the perfect foundation for a great outfit!

So the grand monthly summary is…

  • Black Eddie Bauer tee $4.19 
  • Bobeau cardi $4.19
  • Icebreaker tee $20 
  • Mustard striped tee $3 
  • Black boyfriend cardi nwt $10
  • Aqua cardi $10
  • Red cardi $7.80
  • Striped top $12 
  • Jeggings $6 
  • Babaton joggers $16.15 
  • Pilcro denim joggers $21.25
  • Pilcro mustard skirt nwt $35 
  • Pilcro red skirt $10 
  • Corey Lynn Calter dress $20
  • We love Vera silk dress $7 
  • TOTAL: (I’m only tallying this because I love y’all) $186.58

I always like to calculate the average cost per piece which at $12.44 is quite a bit higher than my usual but so worth it when you consider that the retail value would be close to $1000.  I edited quite a few pieces from my closet this month too – just things that I’m ready to let go of now that I have some updated options in my wardrobe, pieces that I liked but didn’t LOVE.  Of everything I got, I really only have one regret (so far) and even that is mitigated by the fact that swap.com offered me a $30 credit to shop and post an outfit which will be coming soon on Insta!  Thanks swap.com!!

How about YOU – what did you thrift in January?  What were your hits and misses?  The victory is all the more sweet once shared!


  1. Great finds! You look great in both pairs of joggers!! I’m thrifting along with you; today I went to the Salvation Army in my town, where I got a pair of Guess jeans (should’ve tried ’em on) and a pair of Kensie ankle jeans that fit so well, I don’t even mind the weird fit of the Guess pair. Feeling good!

    • nicole

      AWESOME! I love hearing about other people’s finds! And that I’m not the only one having a case of the “shoulda tried on”! haha Thanks for the comment!

  2. I needed boots for the Ohio snow. I thrifted Clarks brown leather ankle boots for $15 and Clarks red ankle boots for $18. Both pairs were new with tags. The price is higher than I usually like to pay at thrift stores but they’re Clarks, what can I say. I have worn both pairs, since winter is still going on here, and they are super comfy. I’m pleased with my thrifty purchases.

    • nicole

      Well done!! I have done the same thing – paid “high” prices (for the thrift store) for pieces that I know I will wear frequently, like boots, coats, bags and jeans. When you consider the cost per wear, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, RED BOOTS!!! xoxoxo And Clarks is a brand that will last. Excellent thrifting! Thanks for sharing!