Is January seriously over?  That’s not a bad thing necessarily because it tends to be long and cold and tedious and as soon as it’s over, we can move into February which is the month of LOVE (and my birthday) and much more fun overall!  I did most of my thrifting while on vacay but just to BRAG  about finally being under budget*, I’m sharing my January thrift haul!

Grey striped wool-blend sweater (in action) $3 from Arizona and $10 cropped black J Brands from sunny California!
Also scored these made-in-the-USA black joggers for $3.50 in Cali (and now I have two pairs of Melissa pants, you know who you are)
And here’s how I wore them to work. You have to understand, I sit on the floor and play with spaghetti so I can wear whatev. #foodschool #OTrocks #prekfun
Printed tunic $4 from Utah!
In action… and considering packing it for an upcoming weekend retreat… thoughts???
Nothing special about this $4 tee except it’s MUSTARD and STRIPED. #yesandyes I got it in Idaho and wasn’t sure I could get an ink stain out but I DID. Boo yah. (Used Sunlight bar soap and rubbing alcohol).
Thrifted this French Connection “dress” back home for $9! My face is saying: we all know this ain’t a dress on me.
But it looks great with jeans (distressed light wash $4.50  jeans to replace the ones that are wearing out! #ironic)
Pants in action!
And it looked great for work with “dressy” pants.

When I helped the fab VV Boutique store managers find some fashion show looks, I stumbled upon a LEATHER leopard print belt (that I intended for one of their ensembles, didn’t pan out) so I took it home with me for $3.50!!  I couldn’t help it.  😀

You never know when you might need a leather leopard-print belt! (and this will replace my fake leather one!)

I went thrifting one* more time in January and I *might* have found a few more things…

“I thrifted 2 of these tops today! Can you guess which ones?! Winner is my new BFF”

OF COURSE I got the chambray and I’ve already worn it four times.  That’s pretty darn good for a $9 new-with-tags top!  I also got the black wool sweater for $8!

There is no label and this garment has been worn so much I can’t read the RN but I’m pretty sure it’s Merino wool and MUST be good quality because despite all that wear, it’s in perfect condition! I’ve been hunting for the perfect black sweater for A LONG time!
Is it my fault I ALSO found a long sleeve black top that fit perfectly for $8?  It’s not cotton tee material so is a little bit dressier…
And here it is in action with a gifted but thrifted Lida Baday blazer!

Last but not least, I did NOT find the perfect grey sweater but I found a fab $8 top that will serve the same purpose in my wardrobe!

Front view…
Back view… maybe I should pack this for my weekend retreat?!!!! #badatpacking #overpackerconfessions

 That’s it!*  That’s all January brought me (besides a cold and some great shopping and a party):

  • Grey striped wool-blend sweater $3
  • Black J Brand denim $10
  • Black joggers $3.50
  • Orange print tunic $4 
  • Mustard striped long sleeve tee $4
  • French Connection striped top $9 
  • Light wash distressed jeans $4.50
  • Leather leopard belt $3.50
  • Chambray top nwt $9 
  • Black wool mystery-brand quality sweater $8 
  • Black top $8
  • Grey top $8 
  • TOTAL: $74.50

Finally I’m actually under budget!!!*  January, I’m not sad to see you go but I am grateful for some pretty good international thrifting!!!

*I *may* have bought something on January 31st but I’m not counting here so there.  Stay tuned for a Tuesday Night Thrift recap for all the details!!

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