On the one hand, the “jogger” pants I recently picked up from VV Boutique are very comfortable.  On the other hand, they’re not the most slimming.  And by that I mean I could hide a bottle of wine in them.

Joggers to Work
I *did not* hide wine in my pants, I’m just saying, I could have.

Really, I think the loose comfy fit is a total win.  The fabric has enough structure not to show every lump and bump but still drapes nicely.

Joggers to Work

It should be noted that I had to iron the crease out of these pants after washing; pants like these are not meant to have a crease and maybe that’s why they got donated, lucky for me.

Joggers to Work
Navy joggers $4.20, J Crew blazer $5.60, Lands End blouse $3.50, Ecco metallic pumps $13.30.

IMHO if you wear a casual piece to work, you should dress up the pieces around it even if you work in preschool like me or somewhere else equally snotty.  That’s why, when I was deciding what to wear with my joggers, I went with the blouse instead of the plain white tee.

Joggers to Work
Though I like both!
And don't forget your accessories!
And don’t forget your accessories!  That’s a mix of She Does Create and bangles from my collection.
A little print-mixing never hurts!
A little print-mixing never hurts!  Stripes + polka dots forevah!

The Tuesday after Labour Day is always a hard go, so these comfy joggers made it just a little bit easier, though I was still running late and still frazzled by the time I dropped my baby at Kindergarten for her first official day…. gulp.  Then another mom I just met told me I looked “so put together” and I wanted to EMBRACE her…  I didn’t, but thanks, if you’re reading, because I didn’t feel put together and you made my day!

Joggers to Work

In conclusion, not only CAN you wear joggers to work, you will look put together when you do – no matter that you took blog photos in 2.5 minutes and then rushed out the driveway then back again to get the forgotten backpack then off again then around to find parking and then to get the kids inside and then to get yourself off to work and only then do you wish you had put some wine in your ample pants because your baby is in school.  How did that happen?

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