Whoa.  This is getting really real.  In one month, I’ll be on a plane with a one-way ticket to Texas.  Though I’m sure I’ll thrift a piece or two in June, all my stuff will be packed up and on its way before the end of the month, making this the last official thrift haul north of the 49th parallel.  I’m a little verklempt and thus I shall forge ahead and avoid thinking too much #coping…

First up, a pale blue cardi that I scored for $3.15 while helping my friend Chantel thrift some new threads for her new smokin figure!
It has been a great addition to my wardrobe!
$6 Kimono from Salvation Army Thrift Store. There was some Instagram debate whether this is pajamas or clothes. I think I’ll meet in the middle and wear it poolside as a swimsuit cover.
If you follow along on IG story, you know about this cardi. I LOVE the print but there’s a small rip on the side seam. For $3.15, I was willing to work with it.
I’ve already worn these $4.90 Levi’s denim shorts a few times and I’m sure they’ll be a summer staple.
I’m a sucker for a floral skirt, especially a light cotton one like this Point Zero pretty! It was $5.60.  If it’s Point Zero, does that make me an athletic surfer or something? #sayyes
Then I hit the pants trifecta at Goodwill!!!!
These will replace my other burgundy skinnies. They are so soft!!!  They run about $230 regular retail!!!!
And these retail for about $250!!!!  
And these $8 Workhall Campre pants are THE BEST EVER. Workhall is an affordable boutique in Edmonton with a “mission of artistry over commercialism.”  I LOVE the purple colour and am so happy to have found something so perfectly Edmontonian before moving!
$8.40 Lord & Taylor jersey dress with pockets! Despite how small it looks here, it drapes beautifully and will likely be one of the pieces I rely on while waiting for my stuff to arrive in Texas which may take a couple weeks!!!  How many dresses should I pack in my suitcase?  #saythirty
I was fresh out of scarves but luckily found this summery scarf for $2.80. One needs a scarf when going from the hot summer day to chilly AC!
And last but not least, this wood bead necklace for $3.50!

Not exactly an epic “finale”…

  • Blue cardi $3.15
  • Kimono $6 
  • Shoe print cardi $3.15
  • Levi’s shorts $4.90
  • Point Zero skirt $5.60
  • Rag & Bone leggings $8 
  • AG cigarette crops $8 
  • Workhall Campre pants $8
  • Lord & Taylor black dress with pockets $8.40
  • Blue floral scarf $2.80
  • Blue wood necklace $3.50 
  • TOTAL: $61.50

But fairly representative of my thrifting habits!  Part of me can’t wait to get to Texas and check out the thrifting scene!!!!  And another part is brokenhearted to leave the community where I learned to thrift and thrive and spread the secondhand love!  Er, you know what I mean.

Thank you, truly, for following along with all my spirited adventures so far, and I hope you’ll stick with me once I’m south of the border!



  1. Can’t wait to hear more exciting adventures! God be with you for a smooth transition and fast new good friends for you and the kids and an awesome church family too! You don’t need prayer for the thrifting part 😉

  2. Those are some great scores, especially the pants and shorts! Will miss you on the “thrift scene” even though we only got to meet a few times.

    • nicole

      Likewise! But I will enjoy following your IG feed to stay in the loop!! xoxoxo