Moving to the US has been a learning a process, and no doubt will continue to be so for the next 6 months to a year or longer, or so the Internet tells me.  For example, I have already learned that my beloved Canadian Value Villages are just not as prevalent in the US, that Goodwill is the major thrift chain of choice.  I have also learned that there is a serious contender for your thrifting affections, Family Thrift Center which makes up for its lack of organization with amazing prices.  But I was still longing for some little thrift, some small local charity thrift shops and finally last week, I found one: Katy Christian Ministries, where every 87 cents on the dollar goes towards their community work and supports, and where the stock and prices are exactly what you would expect of little thrift!!

Turns out when looking for thrift shops in Texas, you need to search “thrift” AND “resale.”
Good furniture selection at the front of the store – good for me since I am on the hunt for pieces to fill my Texas-sized house.
I’m not quite ready to commit to a love seat but this one was in pretty good condition and was $25.
I always thought the ‘ was after the y. Have I got it wrong, ya’ll??
Don’t let Jacqueline see this.
Good selection of books.
Including a volume of thesauruses for those without a smart phone. 
Lots of pictures…
I fancied this painting actually but again, not ready to commit to art.
There was a Christmas in July sale going on!! Fun!
Got myself this terra-cotta made in Italy De Silva plate, mostly because I loved the colour.  I envision some Tex Mex dip in there soon!
Price list and it turned out clothing was 50% off.
Fair dress selection!
And tops.
Juicy Couture bag. Not in great condition but was $5.
Cole Haan pumps for $12.
Almost got these booties for $5 but decided I would wait for leather.
I did however snag these perfect condition Diane von Furstenberg leather and calf hair flats for $8 which go for about $228 regular retail.  I didn’t even look at the size before I bought them but they are 9.5 and fit perfectly even though I’m an 8.5.  That’s probably why they were donated and goes to show that you must try on!
I LOOOOVVVEEE it when little thrift stores have a *special* boutique section!
More “boutique” shoes.
The “boutique” brands were mostly average brands but these were nice and affordable for those who want Coach peep toes but don’t want to pay full price.
Boutique accessories!
Loved this little mirror in the boutique – not for sale!
I went home with this perfect condition light cotton dress with eyelet lace detailing on the chest and hem for $2.50. That’s less than a tall latte.
And I scored this grey scripture tee for $1.

While I was in the neighbourhood, I went to a few nearby antique stores to peek around.

A couple of shops were true antique stores and another had some antiques and some new “southwest style” pieces…
Er, learning about my new culture….
A different genre of graphic tees.
haha depends which ones!
Lots of pretty displays to look at.
Some Pyrex here and there for those who collect it like I collect dresses.
Antique STYLE prints.
I was blown away by this collection of vintage bags.
Simply stunning (and way out of my price range, sadly).

It was a fun afternoon and my kids of course found a few things – hockey cards, craft kits and the like.  Katy Christian Ministries has incentive programs – a bonus coupon for signing up for emails and rewards points that accumulate with every dollar spent.  No doubt this little thrift store will be in my regular rotation!!  Glad we got acquainted!


  1. Majella Galway

    Hi Nicole

    I just wanted to say hello from Charters Towers Australia. I love your blog and reading about your adventures in Texas.

    • nicole

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I follow quite a few thrifters in Australia actually! Looks like you (er, y’all) have some great thrifting there! Hopefully one day I can come there! Thanks for following along!

  2. Welcome to Katy! It’s a great area! That y’all is definitely spelled wrong, you are right about the apostrophe. And KCM is a great shop with a great mission. There is a value village near by in the area called spring branch on Gessner road. I believe it is the same store you are referring to.

    I hope you are able to make it through this August!


    • nicole

      Well, once the kids start school, I’ll spend my time thrifting in AC or in the pool. I will definitely go check out the VV – there are a few Savers but they’re not nearly as plentiful – in my small city alone there were 8! Thanks for the encouragement!