For a trophy wife, I have been awfully busy these days so this month’s recap is coming “better late than never” (and I’ve already got a jump start on thrifting for April #freshout).  Here’s what I managed to thrift this month, besides what I scored at St. Vincent de Paul and March’s thrift store of the month

I admit I thrifted this green polka dot top specifically so that I could copy this outfit after I thrifted the J. Crew seersucker skirt for $6, but the top was only $1.25 so totally worth it.
I got this J. Crew kelly green midi skirt WITH POCKETS for $6 at the same time as the seersucker. Don’t worry, I won’t wear the green polka dot top with it. #toomuchevenforme
Got a red tee for $1.25 but I’m not so sure of the fit. I think it doesn’t do me any favours so I might put it my clothing swap pile and continue my search.
I did a cute little Instagram Story to share the price of our 100% thrifted outfits (i.e., for a good time, follow my IG stories!). My striped maxi skirt was $1.50 and my tee was $1; her skirt was $3 and her top was 25 cents.
How could I *not* get this striped tee for $1.25? #freshoutofstripes
I was on a dollar-something top roll…. (this one was also $1.25)
Got a bit spendy on this for $3.50 but I have an Anthro top in this colour with sleeves and was happy to find a Houston-weather-appropriate version.  I wore it recently in a Pinspired copycat outfit…
I see she’s also cramming for book club. I may not know which Enneagram type I am but I do know my $8 @agjeans grey cigarette crops would retail for about $225, my $22 @saltwatersandals would retail for $45, my $3.50 @target Knox Rose top would retail for $25 and my $2.80 Pashmina-silk scarf would run at least $35. So there’s that.
I’ve been on the lookout for Lucky Brand pieces like this one. Easy breezy peezy to wear and only $6.56.

I did buy one other top, an Eileen Fisher flowy wool cardi that I fell in love with so fast I didn’t notice it had holes…

I don’t think those are the kind of holes that can be repaired but I’ll beg my sewing friend Lisa to give it a shot and if it doesn’t work, I’ll pass it along to someone crafty with wool…

Got myself another denim midi skirt.  $1.41 spent to look vintage-hip (and hopefully not Duggar-dowdy).  
And I totally needed a polka dot skirt, Ann Taylor new-with-tags for $6 from KCM Thrift Shop! Believe it or not, I don’t have a polka dot skirt.
On my way out of KCM Thrift Shop, I spotted these Cole Haan slides on 10% off shoe day! They were $3.75!
Striped faux-wrap dress for $7.57.

I got a couple pieces off Poshmark this month…

Pilcro olive jogger-y style jeans for $15
And a Pilcro small leather cross-body bag for $8! It needed a little TLC so I threw it in the washing machine (that’s as TLC as I get) and it came out great!

I mentioned in my Instagram Story once that I always scan the bathing suits, and here’s why:

My pool and hot tub (#donthatemebecauseihaveapool) have a non-slip bottom that is rough on the ol’ suit so I wear them out pretty fast (and no one needs to see the results of that). This Bond-Eye suit was in great condition for $6.56!

Ummmmm, turns out I did a fair bit of thrifting this month!!

To feel better about this, let me state that the average price per piece was $4.71 which is pretty darn good.  But I do need to go through my closet again!!


A Thrifting Addict Enthusiast Who Needs All the Striped Things in the World


  1. Garden Goddess Reply

    Hey, that red t-shirt looks OK to me! Really, I am always amazed at how you are able to find so many items to buy. The last time I went thrift shopping I was only able to find a blue pillowcase I’d been wanting for years (to go under a white cut-work lace pillow sham). I was thrilled finding that for a dollar. I try to look at the clothes, but become so overwhelmed that I just have to walk away. And also, what happened to all those Pyrex custard cups that used to be in the thrift stores? I went to 6 stores and couldn’t find a one!!! Whats up with that? Oh well…

    • ACK your comment has been sitting in my spam folder unbeknownst to me!! The red tee is just sort of stretchy and shapeless yet you can see my belly button outline. Thumbs down!! It can be easy to get overwhelmed in thrift stores and to combat that I usually recommend just shopping one section per visit – I usually have a hunch about which to filter through – dresses, tops, pants whatever. That might help! And you do have to go frequently because the stock constantly changes! Are you talking about ramekin cups? I think I got mine at a dollar store but you never know! My friend Karlynn finds Pyrex gold all the time!! Good luck!

  2. I think I accidentally brought clothes moths home in a thrifted fur vest so your green holey cardigan made me nervous!
    How do you make sure you don’t bring pests home with you?
    I’ve been thrifting since I was a kid and never had a problem until recently, was a bit sad to lose a few lovely woollens (and to do so much washing and cleaning!). Will be more careful in future, and factor in the $45 dry cleaning bill!

    Big thanks for Pinterest March, loved it!

    • Oh darn! That’s too bad! I’ve never had a moth problem or any other problem follow me home from the thrift store! I immediately wash anything that can be washed (including leather bags) and wipe down or vacuum anything that can’t. I have heard that home drycleaning kits can be effective but I haven’t tried them personally. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some difficulties and hope it doesn’t happen again. To be fair, I think it can come from any retail store or pubic space even though thrifting gets the bad rap!

      Thanks for your kind words about Pinspired March! It’s always so much fun (though hard to keep up all the time!). – Nicole

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