Time flies when you’re busy trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up!  Alas, it’s already March 31st and it’s time to share a few things that happened this month starting with the thrift shop of the month, The Guild Shop!  To clear up any confusion, this is not the same as the Charity Guild Shop which was the featured resale shop in February though they do share some similarities – namely the pricing by date and the extraordinary volunteerism that runs the show and supports many local ministries.  My Houston thrifting big sis, Mary, joined me and we headed to “The Guild,” as this shop is known, last week.

I went to The Guild Shop once before when Mary took me on a whirlwind tour of resale shops in the area back in November.  It is a lovely place to spend some time browsing all the sections – clothing, designer clothing, accessories, housewares, decor, furniture and outdoor furniture.  If you are able to wait till the latest date, you can score some amazing deals!!  But I have the same complaint about this Guild as I did about the Charity Guild Shop – because every single piece is vetted by the knowledgeable volunteers, you are unlikely to find a thrift score treasure.  Still it was great fun and Mary and I were very serious the whole time, like when we were in the shoe section.

These looked perfect for a Texas Trophy Wife.
These aren’t even “standing” shoes since I needed to hang onto something just to stay upright!

So I didn’t find any shoes!!  Ha!  We also enjoyed browsing the pretty bags and concluded that we see clutches everywhere yet find them impractical.  They don’t even hold a phone and lipstick, and some of us have priorities.

I loved this little yellow cross body which *would* hold my phone and lipstick but it was not leather and was at the highest price – $12 – so I decided to pass. #istillloveyou
Loved this little vintage inspired bag especially as wedding season approaches. (!!) Mary didn’t get this one but found another one, even better… keep scrolling!
I would rather get something like this than the “it” wicker bag that is being sported by fashion bloggers everywhere. (But I have my vintage clam shell wicker bag, so I left this for someone else with good taste!)
I did spot my very first Matt & Nat here in Houston (vegan leather isn’t popular here, apparently)
I wanted all of these just for pretty things to look at.

Here are a few pieces I spotted while browsing…

Collared polo shirts are making a comeback according to something I clicked on Twitter, but I’m sure the line between fashion and frump is microscopic on this trend.
I recently went into the Theory outlet store in Cypress and almost fell down with the regular retail price!!! This Theory skirt was $7! If you’re in the market for designer brands, try secondhand first.
I adored this vintage bracelet but it was too big for my scrawny wrists.  Boo.  Mary scored a leather wrap bracelet then deftly maneuvered away from the saleswoman’s pressure to buy more.  “I do have other bracelets at home.”  Fact.  xoxoxo

Here are the clothes I tried on:

Is your chest supposed to have lips?
A little too body-con for this 44yo but…
I appreciated the secret pocket!!!
Gorgeous dress!!! But…
I *think* it’s supposed to do up.  haha
I totally *need* more denim skirts but this one was a little big.
I liked these DKNY satin pants but I already have joggers so I sensibly left them behind.
The only clothing I took home is this linen Cynthia Rowley top. I’m wary of white but was willing to give it a go for $6 of summer cool!
Mary found some great pieces included a light floral knit moto, a LulaRoe tee and this lovely little handbag that matched EVERYTHING she tried on. It was a sign.

After we finished in the fitting room, we browsed the rest of the store.  There is more to life than clothes.  (I hear.)

I thought long and hard about this orange leather sectional!
Loved this print. Should have got it but seemed a little pricey at thirty-some dollars.
I told Mary I’m bad a decor and it’s true. I saw so many things I liked but I have no idea how to make them work in my home. HELP
Reminds me of my Grandpa’s rosebud dish. xoxoxo
I did snag this Anthro-esque bowl for $6!!
Mary and I each found an Easter candy bowl!!!
True to my word… (with a Berner supervising)

Twelve dollars, a flexible friend (did I mention my van died and I had to wait for my husband to come home and give me a boost before I could leave #alwayslate), and a couple of hours made for a perfect afternoon of thrifting!  The Guild Shop is one of the must-see thrift stores in Houston, so if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, stop in!!  Now, I’m off to prepare for the second of three Easter gatherings (I’m SO happy right now) and shall report back ASAP on Pinspired March and the other thrifting I did this month.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, in the truest sense – You are so loved by the One who died on the cross and rose from the dead.  The best month finished with the best news!  xoxoxo


  1. Iris Needleman

    Don’t forget your Jewish friends celebrating the many miracles of Passover.

    • nicole

      Yes ma’am. It isn’t often that Good Friday and Passover line up. It is special and makes me think fondly back to when I worked in an Orthodox Jewish group home in Montreal and got to share in the many festivals and traditions!

  2. The orange couch!! The first thing I thought of when I saw the white dish was maple buds.

    • nicole

      I didn’t buy it but I should have. I don’t know if you can get maple buds here…. Good memories.

  3. karen diaz

    The incrementaly decreasing pricing reminds me of consignment stores. I don’t know of any thrift stores in San Antonio that use that pricing method.

    • nicole

      Well that’s good to hear because I don’t really like it! I can’t wait to come to San Antonio this summer and spend some time thrifting!!

  4. Cory McInnis

    The orange couch! If i had the room it would of come home with me no questions asked lol maple buds for sure 🙂

    • nicole

      bWellllllll, it was about $6000 (including a chair) and there was a bit of damage to the leather in spots. Still…. if I lived closer, that would be one to watch!