So, I’m not laid up in bed (yet) and therefore still wearing cute clothes for a couple of weeks!  I issued what might be the easiest Tuesday Try…


Pretty skirt, simple tee, warm-weather chic with no need to shave your legs!!  That’s accessible style for the every day woman right there!  Now, some say that this is a tall person’s territory and, as a relatively tall person, it’s hard for me to testify otherwise however I pinned a bunch of petite and plus sized maxi skirt/tee looks and I think they are all gorgeous.  As always, fit is key so make sure your maxi skirt is the right length for you and the rest will take care of itself.  In fact, I suspect length might be the reason this gorgeous perfect-condition Anthro-brand Maeve maxi skirt was donated – I bet it was too long for the original owner…

But it's perfect for me!
But it’s perfect for me!  And it was only $10!
An Instagram friend challenged me to make this a work appropriate look... um, I would wear any maxi skirt + tee to work but adding a blazer always helps to polish things up.
An Instagram friend challenged me to make this a work appropriate look… um, I would wear any maxi skirt + tee to work but adding a blazer as a finishing layer always helps to polish things up.
Black tee $2, linen blazer $3.50, Bussola sandals $7 plus She Does Create accessories.
Black tee $2, linen blazer $3.50, Bussola sandals $7 plus She Does Create accessories.
I love the print and colours of this skirt! I've already worn it and can think of so many styling options!
Maxi skirts tend to sit high at your real waist so tuck in your shirt and/or define your waist with a belt or slim fitting top – this is not the time for loose tops!  
I LOVE the colours and print of this skirt!
I LOVE the colours and print of this skirt!
Purple always brings out the matchy-matchy in me...
Purple always brings out the matchy-matchy in me… so I wore vintage Accessorize earrings for a little touch of boho.

Did YOU give this Tuesday Try a try?!!  If not, you should, just so you can experience what it feels like to wear a long flowy skirt and a simple t-shirt – comfortable, pretty, stylish!  I could go on!  But hey, we have all summer long so keep your eye out for maxi skirts and tees while thrifing and report back if and when you give it a try!

Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Trust me, I’m not a doctor.


  1. Sandra Couture

    I gave this a #TuesdayTry.
    I had just scored a nice Ann Taylor black rather fitted and somewhat cropped maxi skirt at Goodwill for $3.
    Within 10 minutes, I wish I could turn the car around and go back home to change.
    This pairing does not work well for ladies like I who are on the petite side and have a freakishly high and small natural waist and fuller hips.
    It felt like the entire day at work, I wore the skirt in my arm pits and bunched up under my boobs.
    Tucking in the tshirt just actually accentuated that fact that I had a pair of large boobs: and then a skirt that was trying to climb up into my armpits.
    The belt was an absolute disaster. It was also jamming up into my arm pits and under my boobs because it wanted to sit at the smallest part of my waist. Which is right under my boobs. Channeling Coco Chanel: oui. Channeling Steve Orkle: non.
    The entire day was spent in a constant tug of war pulling this skirt and belt down.
    Lessons learned:
    1. That Ann Taylor maxi skirt does not spark joy. It’s going in the donate pile back to Goodwill.
    2. This style does not work on shorter, curvier ladies. Especially if you have a high small waist.
    3. I have several maxi skirts that need a #TuesdayTry of their own.
    4. I’m much more a tshirt over the maxi skirt type of gal. And I’ll stick with what works for my body.
    5. Maxi skirts that end up in your arm pits do not spark joy.

  2. Cathy Pattison

    If I owned that skirt I would wear it every day! What a find.

  3. The Spirited Thrifter

    From the picture and similar pins, I would say this outfit looked good but how you feel in it is the ultimate indicator of whether a piece deserves closet real estate! I would encourage women of all body types to give it a TRY rather than deciding this (or any other) combo doesn’t work for a certain physique. Sometimes even when the “rules” say it doesn’t work, it feels great and fits with your personal aesthetic!

  4. Sandra Couture

    I got a lot of compliments from coworkers and my student workers. But I really felt uncomfortable. It didn’t spark Joy. But I gave it a try, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t know what worked for me. I have at least 5 other maxi skirts. I’ll be giving them a whirl this summer, with top not tucked in, and if they do the same thing, they’re going in the consign/donate pile. You’re helping me clean out my closet and drive down to only things that spark joy. I do so enjoy your posts. Thanks for getting me to step out of my comfort zone.

  5. The Spirited Thrifter

    Sandra Couture thank YOU for playing along! Another look I’ve seen with maxi skirts is a knitted chambray or a slim fitting tee so that your waist doesn’t get lost in fabric! Keep us posted how your maxi skirt odyssey is going!! (I only have one maxi skirt but I anticipate my other shorter skirts will be my post surgery uniform!)

  6. Sandra Couture

    It could be this skirt just didn’t fit well, either. I’ve experience this skirt creep (going to right below my bust) with may other skirts some are worst than others.