That is a terrible title (I don’t even really like Star Wars, shhhhhhh) but it seemed fitting for May’s thrift haul recap.  You see, my sister visited again for the last two weeks of May and, in addition to pool time and drive through margaritas, we did *a bit* of thrifting!  We let our “thrifting force” guide our direction, more than once changing our plans last-minute to go with our gut feeling!  Here’s a rundown of our earth-shattering adventures – I blame the force for any and all purchases!

We started off at MAM – our fave!
I recognize you Anthro mug!! But I can’t think of a friend with an “I” name!
I have this EXACT Trina Turk top listed in my Poshmark closet!
I’ve never met a more Nicole top but sadly this was too small. I wonder what would happen if I gave chips and queso a break… Oh Houston!
I did however take home this $6 Eileen Fisher light weight Merino wool top in PURPLE! Bring on the purple-inspired MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome)!
Another $6 Eileen Fisher find – silk sleeveless top!
I imagine wearing this $7 Free People lightweight chambray with shorts while I stroll on a beach… to protect my shoulders from the BLAZING HOT SUN 45 DEGREES CELSIUS TODAY WITH HUMIDITY ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
My last score from MAM was this $5 silk Equipment blouse!! I’ve now thrifted one for Elisa, one for Adina and one for me!
Next up, Family Thrift Center!
I have these exact pants and they’re one of my faves! I call them oil splash pants!
I spotted many cute pieces and took home these flowy shorts for $4.94 and I have been wearing them non stop.
A Tory-Burch-Esque dress with pockets for $7.57, here’s a proper photo…
Here it is, being all discreet about its AWESOME pockets which probably have 20 tissues in them right now.
Those Cole Haan leather sandals were $7.57 from Family Thrift and the linen skirt was $6 from Goodwill.
I cannot resist a $2.92 striped top in linen blend. Already wore it, forgot to photograph it.
Nor can I resist linen wide leg crops in grey for $4.94.
I’ve had my eye out for floral print jeans ever since Anthro featured them in their magazine a few months ago, and lo and behold I found these Anthro-brand Paige ones in the prettiest purple print for $7.57. These retail for about $200 or more. 
Last but not least from our very successful stop at Family Thrift Center, this new-condition black Croft & Barrow black swimsuit for $5.45. Some people have qualms about thrifting swimwear and to that I say, piffle. Just like everything else, make sure the piece is in great condition and wash it before you wear it. IT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN BUYING A BATHING SUIT REGULAR RETAIL where there is no guarantee that people have kept on their underoos while trying them on. And you’ll save a ton of money – this exact suit is $50 new and that is cheap for a bathing suit!

We went to every Goodwill in the vicinity, some more than once!  On those visits, I scored…

Floral wide-legged crops for $3 (my collection of least-like-pants-pants is growing #afraidofpants)
$2 “Little House on the Prairie” maxi dress. I was a little iffy on this one but I have a hard time passing up a $2 dress that doesn’t require shaved legs.
I bought $6 overall shorts. My daughter is THRILLED that I match her! And I feel like I’m right back in the 90s!! #winning
Speaking of my daughter, she found a maxi skirt and tank that made her heart sing!
I wonder if I will ever want to wear this LulaRoe duster cardi in Houston but the Internet told me to go ahead and get it for $2.50.
Next stop, the Youth Assistance Thrift Shop!
This chair was snatched up by someone else before we left the store!
This is a true little thrift shop with little thrift shop prices – proceeds support the community and it is a treasure trove! I spotted Cartonniere, Joie, Seven, Stuart Weitzman, and more! Not in my size, but still!
Old school stair climber and keyboard!
Straw bags anyone???!
Er, magazines anyone (over the age of 18)??
This had me very curious.  I didn’t thrift any clothing but had a lot of fun looking around!
Right across the road was a Pennywise Resale shop so we had a gander there too and found some cute leggings, a Buc-ee’s tee for my son, and more too-small designer pieces. Wah.

And, a couple last confessions of pieces I thrifted before Shannon arrived…

Bird print tee $6 and chambray wide-legged crops for $1.75 I HAD TO
Giraffe print top for $5, probably look cute under my overalls!

It’s fair to say that my wardrobe is shifting to reflect my warm weather casual lifestyle!  And it might be a good time to remind anyone who might be thinking I thrift a lot you that my closet is a dynamic place with lots of comings and goings! I already have a pile waiting for the next clothing swap and a few bags to donate.  I’ll be talking about how I keep my closet organized over on Houston Mom’s Blog later this month so tune in there before you judge me if you’re interested!  Meanwhile, what did YOU thrift recently?!!  Do share!


  1. You have some great finds! I just never find much worthy of the adventure but I enjoy the journey! My best score lately is a pair of tan Eileen Fisher cropped pants for $4.66….until I found out the hooks at the waist are stretched. It isn’t noticeable and I have already worn them several times.

    • nicole

      That’s a great deal for Eileen Fisher and a great way to extend the life of the garment!! It can take a lot of looking to find the gems, but the fun is truly in the hunt! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Woohoo, overalls! Looking good with those sandals too.

    Love that Little House on the Prairie dress. I’ll be interested to see if you think it’s a keeper. The grey duster is something I’ve been searching for, except I’m not in Texas so I need a super warm one! I’m keep to see how you style it, when it gets cool enough there.

    Beautiful dog looks happy!

    • nicole

      Thanks! Stay tuned for January/February for that duster! OR maybe earlier at the hockey rink!

  3. Good shoppin’! The flowy shorts look so comfy and you got some good summer gear! WTG!

    • nicole

      Why thank you!! My wardrobe has certainly evolved for the warmer weather!