As of May 24th, my kids have officially completed their first year of Texas schooling and I have some complicated feelings about this milestone and what it means for me (e.g., what have accomplished during this time, will ever find meaningful occupation again, what the heck am I doing here, etc.) so I really needed a good thrift trip and lunch out with my visiting sis (!) and my original Houston friends, Elisa and Mary. How fitting that May’s Thrift Store of the Month, according to Houston’s Finest Thrift Stores calendar, was the Sunshine Resale Shop.  That’s exactly what I needed: sunshine, thrifting, and friends!

Alanis would call it ironic that it was raining when we arrived.

I have been to Sunshine thrift once before with Elisa and it was delightful then and delightful again!  Like most little thrift stores, proceeds from Sunshine Resale Shop support the various work of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) so you can feel good about every dollar you spend there and every donation you offer.

There were plenty of housewares, furniture and home decor – some lower and some higher priced than other little thrift stores but overall the artwork and housewares were on the lower end of resale price points.

There were also a couple of nice touches for kids thrifting with their grownups…

This was a book basket!

All four of us thrifters found pieces to try on and take home!

Impeccable Saint Laurent skirt WITH POCKETS that was too small, even for Elisa! It was nice to behold for a moment…

Also too small and not practical for this trophy wife, but I dreamed of needing (and fitting) this Escada suit.
These leather espadrille sandals looked fantastic on Mary but were a big too high for her comfort level, so we just admired them then moved on.
Mary scored a scarf that matched her outfit perfectly and this bracelet – “chunky not clunky” as she described it (and I then spent the next 5 minutes #truestory wondering if that might be a good way to describe my summer physique).
Anthro brand, too small, colour goalz…
I found a few pieces to try on like this pretty dress! Well, the dress WAS pretty even if it was meant for someone neither chunky nor clunky.
I liked the colour of this knit sleeveless top, particularly how it matched the earrings gifted to me by Elisa xoxo, but I decided to cap my green sleeveless top collection at 3 which is one more than I promised last time I bought a green sleeveless top.
Found my first Soft Surroundings piece – not exactly what one needs in Houston summer heat but it was soft as butter and $2.50 with the half-price clothing sale so I HAD to get it.  Also note the fitting room curtains!!!
AND I scored this lightweight Eileen Fisher jacket in perfect condition for $10!
And last but not least, a lamp for $17.50 with the half price sale on lamps and housewares!! (Now I need a table.)
Dare we call the lamp colour mustard (like a light Dijon)??!

Elisa found two perfect Anthro-brand jackets, a perfect silk blouse and more – it’s so inspiring to shop with someone who knows her signature style so well!  Shannon – who also has a signature style and manages to exercise self-control over shopping decisions – also found a couple of perfect light weight knit cardis.  Sunshine Resale Shop is a must-stop for anyone thrifting in the Bellaire area of Houston!  It was a successful adventure that united two Canadians and two Americans in thrifting sisterhood!

Maybe just maybe, these wonderful women are why I’m here. xoxo


  1. That looks so fun. I would have bought at least four of those pottery pieces!

    • nicole

      I was tempted but despite the giant Texas house I’m running out of cupboard space. I need a visit from my favourite interior decorating friend to get my house properly outfitted. xoxo

  2. The black wrap top is lovely. I had one like that once and I found it hid my belly (which you don’t have). I wore it with pants, shorts and skirts. The v neck is very flattering.

    • nicole

      Bless you Sister! I definitely have curves but I agree that this style of top is very forgiving! I have no idea when I’ll be able to wear it since I’m currently melting in Houston, but it will wait for me!! Or there’s always indoor AC!