December saw a lot of thrifting that may or may not be related to an EPIC surprise that may or may not be occurring soon.  What I know for sure is that I am taking a Christmas break blogging break but will be sharing said potential adventures on Instagram and Facebook, so if you want to see the following pieces in action, you’ll have to tune in there.  Did I mention it’s going to be epic?  Click here for IG and here for FB, just sayin.  Okay, and now, let the overspending confessions begin…

Gibson light sweater $6.30. Gibson is a Nordstrom brand and the back detail is so pretty….
Found this in the Christmas wear section of VV!  Keep your eyes peeled when thrifting!
Blue “LNBF ” tee $4.20 – Leave Nothing But Footprints. I love finding ethical brands thrifted! Double score!
Kenneth Cole sleeveless for $6.00 because who can’t use a “basic +“?!!
Sleeping on Snow sweater $6.30
Pink-purple print scarf $3.60 because I can’t get enough of this type of scarf!
Burgundy/oxblood/wine/whatever corduroy-ish fleece-lined swacket for $3.50 – yes please!
Let the thematic colour scheme of upcoming epic adventure begin with this blue accent colour sweater $6.
Black jersey dress with pockets $13 – a little pricey but exactly what I was looking for!
Lolë dress $7 – Lolë is a boutique yoga/active-wear brand and this dress is the closet I’ll get to touching my toes.
Black Gap dress with pockets $7.
Navy polka dot Gap dress with pockets $10.50
Moulinette Soeurs dress with pockets $10.20. This is an Anthro brand and this dress would easily retail for over $200. It is missing the belt – oh no, whatever will I do? ;P
Blue-print scarf $3.50 to add some colour to my epic-adventure wardrobe!
But I also found this blue scarf for $3.50 with little colour flecks in it and I had to have it too.
AND I found a navy pashmina for $2.80 that just jumped in my cart.
Even the $6 pj’s I found fit the colour scheme!
London Fog spring coat $8 – perfect condition!
But we all know I have a coat problem, and when I find a perfect condition perfect fit teal-ish coat for $7, I buy it too.

I *thought* I was done thrifting at this point but then yesterday I popped into VV Boutique for a little holiday stress relief and what to my wondering eyes should appear…

A Fossil cross-body bag for $14 that ties my epic-adventure wardrobe together!! There was a little problem with it though, so much so that the tag said “as is”…
Something spilled all on the inside. I just threw it in the washing machine and…
Good as new!! (you can wash many bags, including leather. Just make sure the price-point and brand are worth the risk if it doesn’t turn out as well as this!)
Presley Skye dress with pockets for $5.60!! Will look pretty good with my navy pashmina and teal coat when the evening gets chilly, don’t you think?!!  Presley Skye is a Nordstrom brand.
I was just thinking, what on earth can I wear on Christmas Day since I’m fresh out of dresses…this dark green dress was also $5.60 and was so soft and flattering!! No tag but I searched the RN number and discovered it’s an Avon dress! Who knew?!

How to Search for Brands While Thrift Shopping #RNSearch #thrifting #thriftshopping #thrifter #reseller

New-with-tags mustard pashmina for $2.80. Would it be wrong to take 75 scarves on my epic adventure?!!

That’s *it*.  That’s all I thrifted in December!!

  • Gibson top $6.30
  • Blue LNBF tee $4.20
  • Kenneth Cole black sleeveless $6 
  • Sleeping on Snow $6.30
  • Blue sweater $6
  • Black dress $13
  • Lolë dress $7
  • Black Gap dress $7
  • Navy polka dot Gap dress $10.50
  • Moulinette Soeurs dress $10.20 
  • Green Avon dress $5.60 
  • Presley Skye dress $5.60 
  • Pink pashmina scarf 3.60
  • Blue floral scarf 3.50
  • Blue scarf 3.50 
  • Navy pashmina $2.80 
  • Mustard pashmina $2.80 
  • Fossil bag $14 
  • London Fog coat $8
  • Teal coat $7
  • Burgundy coat $3.50
  • Grey pjs $6

As a Merry Christmas to me, I’m not totaling up my purchases this month.  😀  I know I’m way over and frankly I don’t care.  I’m within my means and this year I realize more than ever that time is fleeting and the best response to that is to live life to the full.  So you bet I’m celebrating this Christmas – I’m celebrating that Jesus was born so that I can live in freedom and peace, I’m celebrating the past year, I’m celebrating my family and friends, I’m celebrating good thrifting, good food, good drinks and good adventures!!!!  (Did I mention it’s going to be epic?!!)

Merry Christmas!!  See you in the New Year!!

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