Floral patterns are trendy this summer.  However, I can’t exactly remember ever not seeing floral patterns in stores so I don’t exactly know what makes them more trendy now.  I do know that styled incorrectly and you’ve got yourself a snooze-ensemble, ya know, something straight off the Reitman’s mannequin.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  We all have less inspired days where a simple neutral + pattern = good enough.  But I like to challenge my-style-self, and so when I went to wear a new floral tee, I decided to mix it with … more floral!

Floral tee $3.50, H&M floral skirt $4.90
All from VV Boutique
Unknowingly, I followed print-mixing guidelines as expertly outlined by Ruche:
  • choose prints with a common colour – the peachy pink and yellow are in both florals, and the base colour of a dark navy/black underscore both
  • mix tighter patterns with more open patterns
  • limit your outfits to two prints
  • add minimal accessories – I debated about a necklace but felt naked without something to finish the ensemble, so I chose a necklace by She Does Create with pale beads that look pink/purple/mauve/blue depending on what they are with.  I used my tiny pliers to change it into a lariat for added interest.  Simple bracelets and small earrings are from my closet.

My day was jam-packed and this outfit was perfectly comfortable and interesting and definitely not snoozy.  As I look back through my archives, I realize, I have a thing for mixing patterns and seeing the Ruche examples only makes me want more. 

 Look out Autumn because me and my patterns are coming after you!

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