During the Closet Minimalism Game, I received an excellent suggestion from my friend Jess to share the flip side of the purge – what to keep, or my favourite things in my closet.  You probably don’t know this about me, but I LOOOOVVVEEE pontificating on my faves.  Maybe it stems from the childhood standard conversation openers: what’s your favourite _________?  I distinctly remember someone asking me in grade 7, what’s your favourite movie, and I had no answer, the conversation fell flat, the end.  Only later did I cry out, “SPLASH!!!”  But it was too late.  It made an impression so now if you ask me, what’s your favourite movie, I will tell you “Sliding Doors” because what’s supposed to happen will happen no matter your path and I have a favourite waterfalls that accompanies this sentiment in a very nature-y metaphorical way.  #redeemed  I love gift exchanges themed around “favourites” and have even blogged about my favourite colour and Christmas faves!  So, Jess, can I talk about my faves?  Heck yes and I will do it over three posts since that’s what I estimate I have time for before the holiday break.  BUT, it’s not only closet faves because once you get me talking about faves, I can’t stop.

Favourite Life Thing

How’s that for a category?  Me smart, me like words like “thing” and “stuff.”


Oh nothing, just standing by the front counter boldly taking a shot with the book Christmas tree.

My favourite thing in my community is the library.  When you search for a book, it’s like on-line shopping BUT FREE!  You can get books, movies, music, TV series.  You can go there and browse for hours.  You can sit in comfy chairs and read all the magazines.  You can people-watch.  I love the library.  It’s my fave.

Favourite Makeup

There are some things I never run out of (er, aside from shoes and dresses), and that includes Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  It doesn’t budge, it’s easy to apply, the tube lasts a long time.  It’s not cheap but worth every penny.

I’m not too fussy on concealer and foundation because I feel like nothing works as well as an Instagram filter or 9 hours of sleep which just don’t exist in real life.  I’m also not picky about eye shadow and love getting samples or handmedowns from my sister or Jill!  For mascara, my fave is L’Oreal Telescopic and I’m still searching for the best waterproof mascara.  Better than Sex is pretty good despite the, er, odd comparison in the name.

My favourite lipstick is Revlon Balm Stain.  It feels nice on the lips, lasts pretty well and has good pigmentation at drug store prices.  However, having a favourite does not stop me from buying more! 😀

I have a few but if I had to choose just one colour, I’d choose the red – “Romantic.”

Favourite Beauty Products

There are two things I can’t live without in my daily routine: Norwex Body Cloths and the Wet Brush.  I have tried the Norwex makeup remover cloths and find them too slippery but the Body Cloths work perfectly with just water to take off all my makeup including waterproof mascara.  I love them.  I travel with them.

I have been using them exclusively since 2008 and can count on one hand the number of blemishes I’ve had in that time.  Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe Norwex is awesome.  PLUS Norwex products are responsibly made!  Read all about it here if you’re interested and thanks to my fellow Canadian-in-Texas friend Lilah for the information!

I can’t comment on how the Wet Brush is manufactured but I can say it is a miracle product for me and my daughter.  I don’t know how it works but you can literally brush your tangled soggy wet hair in seconds.  My friend Janelle accidentally stole mine (!) so I went that morning and got a replacement.  Cannot live without it.

 Favourite Bottoms

I’m going to start general then get specific so don’t panic.  My favourite bottoms is denim.  I’m probably the only one who feels that way!  HA  They play well with pretty much everything else in your closet, are plentiful at the thrift store and can be personalized to your style.  They are a blank canvas, ready to be adorned!  Specifically, my favourite jeans are J Brand jeans.  I like the way they fit, I like the way they last and that they’re made in the US.  They’re pricey but a worthy splurge OR frequently found secondhand in thrift shops or on-line at Thred Up, Poshmark or eBay.  Some shots of my JBrands in action…

My favourite denim shorts are my Levi’s that I thrifted for $6.30 and have worn more than a hundred times, I’d bet, and counting.

My favourite denim skirt is also a dark wash vintage-vibe Levi’s skirt that I thrifted for $2.50 and have similarly worn countless times.  It’s stretchy, it doesn’t judge my Houston size.

I have a few other thrifted denim skirts that are gaining wears every week but my trusty Levi’s skirt can be counted on to work when nothing else does.  MERCI BEAUCOUP!

Favourite Boots

Life has changed and I *may* have more boots than I need for the current climate.  I have thrifted many wonderful pairs of boots including Miz Mooz, Josef Seibel, Blondo and more.  Boots are so expensive regular retail but plentiful at the thrift store so I always scan the racks for good quality boots… or I should say, I used to.  Now that I’m in Houston, I hardly wear boots.  In fact, today was the first time I have worn boots since last spring and the honour went to my absolute faves which were not thrifted but were a part of my last Splurge – my Aquatalia boots!

I have a skinny calf and really wanted a slim fitting weather-proof leather boot.  These are perfect and I scored them during an amazing Nordstrom sale.  They may never see the wear they deserve here in Houston but they make me happy and I will always treasure them!

Naturally they were the first boots I wore here in Houston to a fancy schmancy ladies’ holiday luncheon.
Cold enough for boots, warm enough for pansies!

As much as I love thinking about my faves, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about other people’s faves!  Soooo, tell me, what’s your fave life thing, your fave makeup, your fave beauty product, your fave bottom and your fave boots?!!  And stay tuned, I have more faves to share soon!


  1. I am a denim junkie and since thrifting, I have developed a taste for expensive denim (at cheap prices) and that is one of my favorite things to thrift. I haven’t scored any J Jeans yet, but I have a pair of Joe’s Jeans, 3 pairs of Paige, and 2 pairs of Citizens for Humanity that I absolutely love. Also White House Black Market jeans and pants fits me nice as well as Kut from the Kloth and I have several pair of each. My favorite skirts are my J. Crew pencil skirts (both thrifted). Right now my favorite boots are Arizona riding boots from JC Penneys. They are almost up to my knee, black with brown at the top, wide enough for my bigger than average calves, and super comfy and cute. I like Lash Sensational mascara, it makes my puny lashes long and thick and doesn’t smudge – great stuff.

    • nicole

      Thanks for sharing!!! I will look for that mascara and give it a try and so good to know the other faves! It shows me that no matter what your preference, chances are you can find it secondhand!

      • I forgot to mention it is Maybelle Lash Sensational. The site beautypedia.com rates and reviews many beauty products so I use them as a guide before buying.

  2. Another library lover here! Our local library gives us free access to audio books and e-books via an app. (I have a disability so can’t get to the library myself.)

    My favourite clothes are from a sadly-defunct Melbourne (Australia) label called Sosume. Closed loop manufacturing processes and made in Australia so environmentally and ethically sound. That’s the reason I bought them – and that they looked good – but the reason I reach for them so often is comfort! The tshirts and dresses are modal and the tops are wool. Drape beautifully, breathable, perfect shades of grey.

    My favourite boots are RM Williams (Australian made, look like Chelsea boots). I bought them last century and they still look so good. They have a ‘fashion’ moment every few years but are never out of style.

    Beauty and the Bees are a gorgeous Tasmanian brand I’ve used for more than a decade. Luscious moisturisers that are safe enough to eat, in recyclable packaging. The soaps are best. (I have chemical sensitivity so can recommend Beauty & the Bees if you are like me, or even if you aren’t!)

    I really enjoyed this post about your favourites, thank you!

    • nicole

      YES I forgot to mention the online options at the library which is AWESOME! Sosume sounds wonderful – I wonder if I will ever spot it secondhand!! I will have to search for it online at Thred Up and Poshmark. I am still hunting for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots, though it seems I’m hardly wearing anything but sandals here in Houston. I will also look into Beauty and the Bees. My friend and fellow Canadian Life Preloved is very knowledgable about ethical beauty brands – an area where I have lots of growing to do. Thank you so much for your comment – they make my day!!!