December seems like the perfect time to talk about favourites!!  Maybe you’ve cleaned out your closet like me, maybe you’re picking up some gifts for others and hoping they will like the same things as you, maybe you’re making a Christmas wish list of some familiar faves and new ones you’d like to try…  I for one went to a favourites-themed gift exchange with new friends this morning and, as usual, it was awesome!

Here are some of my friends’ favourite things…

And I took a little bundle of faves because I CAN’T CHOOSE:

An orchid, because ever since my friend Elisa gifted me one, it has become the one and only plant I can keep alive and it sits on my windowsill and reminds me of friendship several times a day.  I don’t remember them being available in Canada like they are here, but it could have been that I just wasn’t paying attention.  In any case, they’re a new fave.

A holiday candle, because spicy Christmasy scents make me happy and also make me believe my house is clean. #itsaChristmasmiracle

A one-dollar thrifted book, because I love reading and, next to libraries, I love thrifting books. I like the real deal rather than ebooks and I like to write in my books so inexpensive books are perfect for me (and hopefully the one who received it!).

And a inexpensive bottle of wine, because I like wine (obvs) and I’m a rebel (I went $2.50 over the limit by choosing the $3.50 wine rather than the Trader Joe’s $2 bottle – I’m also super fancy and highfalutin in my wine selections).  I recently discovered this Sauvignon Blanc and was pleasantly surprised – it was a nice light pairing to go with some daytime viewing of Outlander (also have a highfalutin life).

What’s your favourite wine?  Better yet, what’s your favourite cheap wine and favourite not-cheap wine (however you might define those values)?

BUT, back to my closet faves.

Favourite Top

This is hard.  We can’t count basics like a black tee or chambray shirt which are closet staples, and unlike denim bottoms, I don’t have a particular favourite brand of those basics.  Do you?  If so, please share!  Regardless, I believe all closets need some basics around which you can build outfits that reflect your personal style, and your top favourite top should be something that epitomizes your personal style.  So for the time being, my favourite top is…

I love the colours in this top, I love the forgiving flowy style, I love the crepe fabric, I love the bird print, I love the styling possibilities.

Favourite Dress

We are talking about the anti-purge, the things you keep in your closet.  I purged quite a few dresses during the Closet Minimalism Game but I collect dresses!  My daughter does too, and we high 5’d each other today about our thrifted dress collection!  #raisethemright  What did I keep?  Dresses with pockets, for a start.  Collectible dresses like my Vince gold silk number and my Isabel Marant, and basics like my recent chambray splurge and a trusty LBD…  But my all time fave would have to be my Beige by ECI dress…

The colours are amazing, the style is so flattering.  It is as easy to wear as pajamas.  I thought it was pretty pricey when I thrifted it during the Edmonton Value Village Shop Hop for $14.40, but it was worth every penny!  If you don’t have a favourite dress, GET TO A THRIFT STORE STAT AND TRY ONE.  Dresses are magical.  Jeans have waistbands!!  Dresses do not!  I never used to buy dresses because I thought they were too expensive…. not anymore!

Favourite Scarf

The chambray shirt has gone by the wayside here in Houston as have most of my scarves BUT throughout the Closet Minimalism Game I kept most of the scarves that I moved from Canada including my solid-coloured pashminas which serve as a light blanket when I’m sitting outdoors reading or finding the AC a bit chilly.  hahaha  I did thrift one scarf from Goodwill that reminded me of one I’ve had pinned on my thrift-hunting list forever…floral scarf

I have no idea the brand or cost of the pinned scarf but mine was $3!!

Favourite Accessory

I’m going to cheat (again) here and name two faves because they could be separate categories.  My fave belt is the Unbelt, formerly known as Flatter:Me Belts!  I have several different colours and think everyone should own at least one.  They hold up your pants, take away the gap and compliment many an outfit!  Here’s a shot from last year in my old Alberta house!

Y’all know I wear my accessory trifecta daily (earrings, necklace and bracelets), and for every day wear, I love my She Does Create build-your-own pendant because it satisfies my matchy-matchy heart!  I can switch out the pendant to my heart’s content!

BUT my all time favourite accessory is the necklace I’m wearing in my blog photo!  I adore the colours, the multi-strand artistry and best of all, it was made especially for me by my big sis.

To wrap up My Faves – Part Two, what is YOUR favourite accessory?  Favourite top?  Favourite dress?  What would YOU take to a favourites gift exchange?!!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your favorite things (as well as your other posts). I’m going to miss it, maybe you will have to do shoes, coats, and sweaters next :). That dress is stunning on you and the colors are great. I like Lucky Brand tops, they have a casual boho vibe and are colorful. I agree that it is hard to just name one brand of top because there are so many brands (and a lot of variety within a brand) and styles. I love your bird top – super cute. One brand of dress I like is Single Dress, they are often colorful and silky like your dress. I never heard of them, but saw them while browsing Bloomingdales on vacation several years ago. I’ve gotten several pre-owned ones on e-bay without the guilt of a splurge.

    • nicole

      I’m having troubles replying so hopefully this will work! Firstly, haven’t tried Maybelle Lash Sensational but I’ll add that to my list!! THANKS! I too like some Lucky Brand tops though I’m not always in the mood for the casual boho vibe but in my first faves post, I’m wearing a thrifted Lucky Brand top with those denim shorts! It was love at first sight with that one! I looked up Single Dress on Poshmark here in the US but didn’t get anywhere. I will keep searching though because I’m almost out of dresses and life is hard. 😉

      • nicole

        just quickly, I bought the Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof mascara and love it! Thanks for the tip!

  2. nicole

    Thank you for your kind words!! Makes my day! Things are getting better but still shy of 6 months in and still considering myself in the midst of the transition! We must be due for a Houston IG get together soon!!

  3. Kelli Hudgins

    I’m trying to get caught up on your blog..

    grad school blues haha. My favorite wine brand is Stella Rosa. I love anything in that line, bit my favorite is the moscato. It’s like candy! You can probably purchase it at Wal-Mart if Texas laws allow. It will run you about $12-$15 a bottle. Try it!

    • nicole

      Well that’s a lot steeper than the $2 Trader Joe’s wine but I’m willing to try it!!! Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for reading! I don’t know if I could have gotten through university with all the great content there is nowadays as a constant distraction! Power to you!!