This has been fun, waxing on and on about my favourite things.  I can see why Oprah likes it, and when your favourite becomes someone else’s favourite and theirs becomes yours… it just feels like the world is a happier place for it!  I have five more faves to share before I take a little blog break for some family Christmas bonding.  My kids finish school on the 15th and we have an AWESOME adventure waiting for us – stay tuned on Instagram!    I’ll be taking some of these faves on said adventure…

Favourite Flats

If you read Faves Part One and Faves Part Two, you know how this goes.  I say I love all my babies and then reluctantly pick one as the current forerunner.

I love my Poetic License flats!
I love my Barefoot leather sage-y loafers!
I’ve worn my Nine West embellished silver flip-flops TONS, just ask the other moms at the bus stop!
I wear these leather Sigerson Morrison gold sandals whenever I want a touch of boho.
And my search for long-lost leopard print flats is finally over!!

BUT, my top fave flats are my Salt Water Sandals.  I have never seen them in the thrift store.  My first yellow pair I got regular retail as part of my Splurge and have worn them countless times since!

Since then, I have discovered the beauty of Poshmark, Thred Up and eBay for item-specific shopping and I’m now the proud owner of pink, tan and black Salt Water sandals, all together for less than I paid for the one yellow pair.  SO I HAD TO DON’T JUDGE.

I love them because 1. they are comfortable.  I can walk for miles and my feet are terrible.  2. They are waterproof leather. I always thought I needed Teva type sandals for any water activity.  NOT true.  These don’t have a hiking grip or anything but they were made for water!  3. They have a cool retro vibe that I dig.  If you need evidence, head to Google or Pinterest and search for Salt Water Sandals outfits THEN try to decide what colour you want.

Favourite Bag

I am not a daily bag switcher, even now that I am unemployed a Texas Trophy Wife.  I admire those that coordinate daily but I tend to use a bag for a month or so at a time before switching.  I carry cross body bags most of the time – I don’t always love the look but I love the practicality.  Sooooo, my current fave bag is…. one I don’t even have a decent photo of!

Red Coach cross body bag.

I love the colour, the adjustable straps, the slim line and small shape.  I love that I got it at a clothing swap which means it was FREE and is a great reminder of all the options we have to be sustainable consumers.  But most of all, I love it because it reminds me of my friends back in Canada, their thoughtful approach to style and their generosity.  xoxoxo dangit now I’m teary

Favourite Coat

“Coat” has almost become an antiquated term for me here in Houston.  It’s true I wear them occasionally now that it’s “cold” but it’s less due to necessity than desire to visit my old friends (referring to my inanimate friends, my coat collection).  I do love coats and, like dresses, they are something I rarely bought B.T. (Before Thrifting) because they are pricey.  They are pricey regular retail, but you can find awesome coats for less than $20 secondhand.  I have thrifted some fab coats over the years…

BUT my favourite is…

The brand is “Supermarket” and it cost $9.10!!  The tailoring and details are so unique.

It’s my fave because it epitomizes another appeal of thrift shopping – the ability to find great pieces that no one else will have!

Favourite Spirit

It ought to come as no surprise that I enjoy spirits… of the imbibing variety!  I love learning how to mix new cocktails, I love home cocktail parties, I love sipping on something delicious while cooking supper or reading or watching a movie with my family.  I love that cocktails and spirits are accessible to everyday gals like me and that I don’t have to be an expert to enjoy them.  My favourite spirit of all time is…

I am indebted to my Canadian visitors for bringing me some bottles because you cannot get Sortilege in Houston.  If I am wrong and somewhere someone knows where to get it in the state of Texas, please call me STAT.  Meanwhile, I hoard my stash and share it only with my favourite people here. Here’s a little Sortilege montage…

I think this means me and Sortilege are going steady.

Favourite of All Time

I’m leaving on a jet plane in a few hours (while my home and beloved and fierce 100lb dog are cared for my Texas fam, just so y’alls know), so I need to wrap up my musings on favourites.  When one is blessed to have so many beautiful secondhand treasures and a closet full of happiness, you’d think it would be hard to pick a favourite of all time.  Not so, as it turns out, surprisingly.  One particular piece sprang immediately to mind.  Can you guess what it is????

The Mustard Cardi

There are many reasons why the mustard cardi is my fave.  It reminds me of the good ol’ days, my very first Fashion’s Night Out when I discovered that the mustard cardi looked good with everything and looked good on everyone, and my mission started to find one of my very own.  It reminds me of my friend Randa who is so stylish which reminds me that we all have our individual style and we can and should rock it, every dang day.  It is the perfect example that you do NOT have to settle for basic black all the dang time.  Nowadays you can find mustard cardis everywhere but back in my day, you had to hunt for months to find one secondhand.  Whatever the reason, the mustard cardi is my favourite of all time and my closet will never be without!!  I’ll leave off with some of my favourite mustard moments and meanwhile, do share your favourites!!  What is your favourite of all time?!!!

I Fell For a Fall Dress

7 Essential Pieces of a Colourful Wardrobe

12th Dress of Christmas

The 8th Dress of Christmas

See what I mean?  The mustard cardi is awesome!  Go thrifting this weekend and get one for all y’all!  xoxoxo


  1. The mustard cardigan! I’m surprised it didn’t have its own post considering how you love it and advocate for everyone to have one!

    Those saltwater sandals are a delightful colour, glad they are so practical.

    Love the beautiful poetic license shoes. I found a beautiful unworn pair of pointy flats, covered in black and white grosgrain ribbon and I think I got the cost per wear down to less than 10 cents, so possibly the best $4 I ever spent on shoes. They came from the best op shop I’ve been to, small but beautifully laid out with so many good quality treasures. I’d wear the pointy flats if I came over for poolside sortilage cocktails 😉

    Special mention to the beautiful long blue dress you are wearing in two of the photos. Gorgeous dress and it really suits you.

    • nicole

      If you are ever in Houston, there will be a poolside Sortilege mojito waiting for you! That dress is actually black and greyish – thank you for your kind words! I love it too but it is starting to pill, alas I have been accumulating some maxi dresses to replace it in the future and now I know what kind of style works best. I actually thrifted it as a camping dress then felt bad about resigning it to the woods! Your ribbon shoes sound amazing and that’s exactly why thrifting is so awesome!! Love it!!