Sometimes you get exactly what you need exactly when you need it. That’s what happened to me this week and I could hardly wait to share it here.

The Spirited Thrifter, Nicole, with a gleam in her eye about all the new beginnings!
That is the (filtered) face of someone who is too excited about all the new beginnings to sleep!

Notice anything different?!

My good friends Karlynn and Mike came to visit and that was like water in the desert. I was feeling melancholy about my one-year moving anniversary, and they showed up the next day with Sortilege in hand, ready to pick up right where we left off. My friends also happen to be very smart, very savvy and very successful pro-bloggers and they were kind enough to talk with me for hours about the business of blogging and, in case you didn’t notice, Mike revamped The Spirited Thrifter website!!

The Spirited Thrifter logo

Change is good!

The new colours, the new layout, the new ideas – it is all so rejuvenating!   And the timing is perfect: July marks the beginning of my SEVENTH year of thrifting and blogging; after one year in Houston, I’m ready to do some hustling for work and to learn new skills; I *need* a job, both for my own sanity and for my family’s well-being; and lastly and most importantly, I’ve been feeling the tides shift over the last year on the blog.  I’m no longer content just telling y’all about what I’m wearing and what I thrifted with the occasional style tip thrown in for good measure.  I’m ready to broaden my blogging horizons!

So what is coming?!

You can expect the same spirited sharing as I’ve always done but, in addition to all things thrift, I’ll be posting some of my food and drink adventures and other experiences that are part of my very real life.   If you are a subscriber to The Spirited Thrifter, your email notifications will look a little different – a weekly newsletter-style mail out of posts.  Visitors to The Spirited Thrifter will also be prompted with an option to allow ‘push notifications.’  I myself have seen these popping up on different sites without really understanding them, so let me explain it to you.  It does NOT mean that you will be getting spammed with notifications from me all the live-long day.  It means you’ll get a little pop-up notice once a day letting you know about a new or archived post and giving you the option of pinning it to Pinterest. So don’t be afraid of clicking allow when asked if you want notifications from this site.  I promise to make it worth your while (and you can opt out at any time)!

In short, you can expect more and more posts of better and better quality. I’m going to try really hard to improve my photography and writing skills and generally get down to business! I think we can go ahead and chalk that up to a growth mindset!

Water lilies remind me of new beginnings!
I *did* say I wanted to bloom and grow!

I hope y’all will continue to follow along, keep commenting, engaging and having fun!  We will grow together!

xoxo Nicole


    • nicole

      Thanks! I don’t have a corner office to dance in, but I’ll make do!

    • nicole

      Thank you!! And thanks for sticking around and always commenting – means so much to me!

  1. I love the new look of the blog! I can’t wait to see all the fun new stuff you have in store!

    • nicole

      Thank you! I am quite excited and wish I could DO EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW! It will take time to roll out but will be so worth it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I’m so spirited thinking about these beginnings. I’m putting on my seat belt. Hugs

    • nicole

      ha! You might need that seat belt… or a saddle (for the slower saunter!) Thanks for all the support!

  3. Congratulations! Moving is hard, and I’ve been so impressed by your intentional optimism and active efforts to engage with new people and communities in Texas. It is inspiring!

    I’ve just moved by myself from the US to Vancouver for one year for work (long distance from my husband) and I’m going to try my best to make the most of it. Following a few Canadian instagram and blogging folks as I prepared for the move helped me get excited about it 🙂 So thank you for that!

    • nicole

      Well this comment makes my day!! Moving is hard – and I would venture to say it’s even harder to be apart from your spouse. I hope you have a smooth transition – Vancouver is a wonderful place to be! Great food, decent weather, good people, nice museums and many excellent bloggers! Plus BC wine and Canadian Sortilege Maple Whiskey!! Best of luck and if you need a Canadian interpreter, I’m right here!!

    • nicole

      Thanks!! I’ve been in blogger bootcamp, a path paved by magpies before me 😉 I’m excited for all of us and looking forward to following along with the magpie farm journey too!

  4. yay! Really looking forward to it 🙂 The new aesthetic looks great too!

    • nicole

      Thank you!!! I love it and am currently resisting totally ignoring my children to blog! 😀 All in good time!