If you follow me on Instagram, you know what’s coming.  I thrifted some new shoes at the 50% off sale day at Value Village yesterday and could not wait to wear them!  I had just the Pinspired-March outfit in mind but first had to try it with her boring shoes…

White tee and accessories from my closet, Gap denim jacket B.T. (Before Thrifting)
The $5.50 nude-blush d’Orsay peep toes are cute and all…
I can’t believe I’m posting a toe close up with no polish.
#bloggerfail #reallifestyle #howevermy4yodtrsnailsarepainted
But they just can’t compare to…
My “SHAZAAM” shot turned out blurry so now I have to dock my photographer one Pokemon card.
Or just blame time-change-Monday.
I assume no one noticed what else I was wearing because the shoes are just that fab but I did enjoy my warm-weather layers!
Believe it or not, it was warm enough later in the day for just the denim jacket…
But I threw on my Eddie Bauer puffer vest B.T. and a $3.50 scarf from VV for an early morning appointment…
I’m certain the doctor LOVED my shoes and just held back the compliments to be professional.
Even though the Monday Style Prompt for this week is focused on Friday – “Classy Casual Friday” – I think this outfit proves a good point: great shoes and bold pieces like my pink hot pants hot pink pants elevate casual staples like the denim and gingham.  So, if you’re still wondering how to add some class to your casual Friday look, give that a try!
Go thrifting if necessary!  There’s still time!
And with treasures like these floral shoes to be found, who can resist?!!

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