B.T. (Before Thrifting), I was busy gaining and losing 70lbs three times over having kids.  Those years are basically a blur and I didn’t pay much attention to fashion.  I started shopping in 2012 after finally feeling like myself again, and then BOOM, my husband lost his job and I started thrifting and the rest is happy history!  All that is to say that I have always loved Anthropologie but never had much opportunity to actually shop there until recently when I discovered that many of their pieces are just expensive fast fashion.  Sigh.  Still, I love Anthropologie style and am thrilled whenever I find Anthro brands while thrifting!  (By *only* buying fast fashion brands secondhand, you avoid contributing to the fast fashion machine – read more about this here.)  My thrifting-sisterhood gal Adina coined an important thrifting hashtag: #noanthroleftbehind – unless you have a very good reason, like holes or indecent cleavage.  I recently thrifted a couple Anthro pieces and thought it the perfect opportunity to share my thrifted Anthro collection and some of the labels that you too can watch for while thrifting!  First up, my “new” beloved…

Fei tunic top $8, worn with Icebreaker leggings and Bussola sandals from Kunitz Shoes (purchased new as per PT orders!)
Fei tunic top $8, worn with Icebreaker leggings and Bussola sandals from Kunitz Shoes (purchased new as per PT orders!)
Love the colours in this tunic and have approximately one million accessories that would coordinate well, but chose my Just One necklace to pick up on the funky vibe!


Anthro Fei label

And next up…

Deletta tee $7 worn with $2.80 denim I've worn probably a hundred times or more, necklace by She Does Create and Ugg clogs $13.
Deletta tee $7 worn with $2.80 denim I’ve worn probably a hundred times or more, adjustable choker necklace by She Does Create and Ugg clogs $13.

uggclogs delettatopback anthrodelettatop img_9467

Here are some other Anthro brands I have found while thrifting…

Thrifted Anthro brands

These Faryl Robin shoes have trim that exactly matches my dress. #winning
Faryl Robin shoes  $13.30


Oh how I adore thrifted Anthropologie!!  This $4.90 silk skirt is perfect.  So pretty and comfortable.  Can't wait to wear it!
Postmark silk skirt $4.90


Edme & Esyllte (well, this one was indirectly thrifted!)


Thrifted Anthro brands

Meadow Rue top and Elevenses printed joggers $6

Thrifted Anthro brands

Sparrow wool moto cardi $7

Thrifted Anthro labels

One September sweater thrifted for $8


Kimchi Blue "dress"
Kimchi Blue “dress” $4.50

Thrifted Anthro brands

Maeve maxi skirt $10 – I have also recently thrifted two Maeve dresses for $3.50 a piece!


Saturday Sunday dress $3.50

Thrifted Anthro brands

Red Pony Review
Pilcro cord leggings $38 consigned

Thrifted Antho brands

These particular black J Brands were not thrifted but I have a few pair that were thrifted and they’re a made-in-the-US Anthro brand!!

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of Anthro brands, some no longer carried in store, but that makes them no less Anthro in my opinion, therefore the hashtag stands!  Happy thrifting and remember, #noanthroleftbehind!

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