In my work as a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I rarely have office days.  Most of the time I’m in the classroom with small children, sitting on tiny chairs or criss-cross-applesauce on the floor.  #lifeofglamour #dontflashthechildren #ortheparenthelpers  When I do have an office day – a day dedicated to me battling procrastination paperwork – I like to wear pieces that I can’t otherwise wear.  #pencilskirts #etc  I spent today trying to wrap up paperwork before the holidays and so I gave the Anthro dress Adina picked up for me a proper go, at least as proper as it’s going to get until Spring.  The dress is unique in that it looks like separates…

Anthro-brand Maeve dress thrifted for me by Adina - this formed the bottom of my Halloween costume!

It has – HALLELUJAH – pockets and believe it or not, the pleats make it forgiving to wear!  I wore it as part of my Halloween costume like separates, but today I embraced it as the dress it’s meant to be!

Worn with my $7.50 Miz Mooz boots, $5 Sandwich swacket (blazer-cardi/sweater-jacket), $4.90 coral shell and She Does Create accessories.

I could have gone a number of different styling routes based on the pattern in the … bodice…

The dress has pockets and such pretty details and colours! Can't wait to wear it for realz.

But I decided to play up the coral-y colour.

With mustard and navy accessory accents!

I could *not* have explored the sensory gym freely in this dress but it was totally suitable for sitting on my butt all day plotting where to look for holiday chocolate, I mean writing consultation notes.  I have nothing in my closet like it, so thanks Adina!  Er, I don’t think I paid you for this yet!!  #imgoodforitiswear #thriftingsisterhood???!!!

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  1. Beautiful dress. Weird how it looks like totally different colours on the hanger vs on you