I have been on the lookout for pieces that might be considered “art print” and recently found some $7 ankle crop pants that could be considered “watercolour”…


Now, the only thing I’m more afraid of than waking up to May snow (again) is pants (#afraidofpants).  These beauties, however, are nice and stretchy without bagging out, so I’m not as afraid of them.  Another good thing – or bad thing, depending on your taste – is that these pants go with A LOT of colours!  There is peach, mint, blush, black, gray, taupe; and most shades and hues of those colours also complement the pants.  This is a good thing when you’re embracing MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome) but when you’re trying to find a mix-not-match look, it gets tricky.  So I fell back on my own advice to pair a tricky piece with a contrasting colour or pattern in order to come up with matchy and mixed looks for Mix or Match May!

Light gray sheer blouse $2.50, striped blazer $9 VV Boutique
Gifted thrifted sequins flats and accessories from my closet.
When I confess that I paid $9 for a single item, I feel like I’m saying I just bought a $300 pair of jeans!  I didn’t have a coupon for this blazer, but since I’ve been seeing striped blazers everywhere, I had to have it.  Because when in doubt, wear stripes.   
I have several options to match these watercolour pants but was feeling a casual comfy vibe because of the sad snowy weather…
Swapped the blazer for a $2.80 Gap baseball sweater, and the shoes for pointy metallic flats $7.70 and added more casual accessories from my closet.
Do you prefer the mixed prints or matched colours?!
Today, I just wanted a some matchy-matchy security so I went with that look for work!  While there, my work style sistah *helped* the children pretend to squirt oil on my pants (it was in play context, no actual oil was involved!).  I decided to take that as a win!  Score for art print pants!


    • Thanks Leah!! They were kinda born for matchy matchy! Can’t wait to wear again… in more matchy ways!

  1. I agree. Love the outfit you picked, especially with the metallic shoes! Perfect for a blah day! 😉