One of the common thrifting myths is that you cannot find current, in-style, trendy pieces at the thrift store…  If you doubt for a second that this is a myth, just scroll through my archives – I’ve thrifted pieces that are still on the regular retail racks and found hundreds of perfectly contemporary pieces in perfect condition.  However, a recent thrift find has got me thinking about what it means to be “in style” or “up to date” these days, or conversely, “out of style” and “out of date.”

The piece that inspired deep thoughts...
The piece that inspired deep thoughts… a $9.10 H&M mustard print tunic

You see, my friend Randa has this piece and she’s had it for a while and I LOOOVVVEE it and am so happy to have found one in my size and now I have big plans to make her wear it at the same time as me next time I visit (heads up Randa!).  I am not sure when this piece would have been in stores, but I’m guessing a couple of years ago at least.  Now, I don’t particularly care whether I’m wearing the latest trend; I care more about what sparks joy and fits my mood and needs for the day.  But some people do care… and here’s the thing: with fast fashion, there is a new trend every single day.  The piece you buy today is already out-of-date tomorrow.  There’s no such thing anymore as being “in style” except in reference to your own personal style, and there’s no such thing as out-of-date, if you ask me.

Are layered necklaces trendy?! Who cares, I like 'em so I will wear 'em.
Are layered necklaces in style?! Who cares, I like ’em so I will wear ’em. (ps. I thrifted them!)
Worn with hand-me-down leggings and $13 Alia leather shoes.
Plus a kickin arm party courtesy of She Does Create and thrift!
Plus a kickin arm party courtesy of She Does Create and thrift!

If you step out of the fast fashion race, you free yourself from the irrelevant question of in-style/out-of-style or up-to-date/out-of-date, and can instead focus on what YOU actually like and feel good in!

I feel GREAT in a mustard scarf!
Thrifted of course for $4.20!

Not to mention, the longer you keep your garments and the more you wear them, the greater the bite you take out of the fast fashion industry and the more sustainable your wardrobe. #30wears  Anyone who criticizes others for wearing out-of-date clothing is frankly ignorant and out-to-lunch.  So there.

And I'll tell them, with a smile on my face! #theydontcallmespiritedfornothing
And I’ll tell them, with a smile on my face! #theydontcallmespiritedfornothing


  1. Sande Denbow

    Fads are Fun! Classic will always be in Style!! Love your blog

  2. I love the colors in that tunic, as well as your attitude! And I agree – especially as I get older, I wear what I like and what suits me, and if it happens to be “in” that’s fine, but even if it’s not, I’m content. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I have heard and wondered about the concept of “out of date” clothing. I appreciate your view on style and especially knowing and owning our own style. It is bloggers like you that give people like me confidence, courage and inspiration to dress me as me. Thank you!

  4. Great find on that tunic! I think it’s more jarring to see someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their clothes (even if they’re bang on trend) than to see someone rocking clothes that aren’t super current.

    • nicole

      So true. The most expensive “in style” pieces will look out of place when it doesn’t fit your personal style and makes you feel uncomfortable, and vice versa!

  5. I love the mustard scarf. I think there are so many styles out there now that people can wear a lot and not look out of date – even stuff that is out of date suddenly becomes trendy again (‘mom jeans’). I’m not brainwashed into thinking myself worth depends on somebody else’s idea of what is in style. Fast fashion places make a lot of money off feeding off people’s fear of being out of date. Besides things I bought and still have from 8 or 10 years ago are ‘coming back’ from what I hear.

    • nicole

      Yes! True personal style is not dependent on trends or dates! When what you are wearing matches your inner style, it will look good!

  6. I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote! If you love it, it’s in style!