I *hear* there are some people who still don’t have Instagram (eh hem, Colleen) so I thought I ought to post this year’s 2018 Pinspired March Collection along with my faves and your faves according to the highly unscientific data of Instagram likes.  Here is the month from 1st to 31st in all its glory!

The top 3 fan faves were (drum roll please)…. in 3rd place, starring Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau…

This one is in my top 3 as well because (brace yourself for vanity) I look good enough to be plausible as Canada’s first lady (at least with a cardboard cutout of the PM)! In 2nd place, starring my Betty Draper dress

This was the very first shot of the month and I loved that we kicked it off with a great start and then we peaked on day 3 with the number one shot featuring this extraordinary show of strength by Mr. Style himself, rocking his very own thrifted pieces!

Canada’s first couple of thrifting!

I would have involved that handsome hunka man more in March but he was gone for most of it!  Fortunately, the whole family chipped in with photography and modeling which leads to one of my faves…

A recent fave with my Spirited Mini! I love raising my kids on thrifting!

I just know that these days where my daughter will pose and play with me will soon pass, so I cherish them while I can. I also wonder if there will come a day when my children feel differently about thrifting instead of proud of a $3.25 outfit.  I hope not, but again, while they are in this accepting stage, I will cherish it.

And then for my fave shot, one which sums up the difference of Pinspired March in Houston versus Pinspired March of Canadas Past, I have to choose…

Life is good, especially on a floating flamingo in a $4.90 thrifted swimsuit! And that, folks, brings us to the conclusion of Pinspired March 2018!! 

Now IF you are following along on Instagram, you know that I did decide to continue the “matching March” series (as my son calls it).  I can’t promise it will be daily but I can promise it will be whimsical, as in, according to my whims.

Here are a couple Anthro dresses getting the Spirited Thrifter treatment!

I love Pinspired March as much as you but truthfully I am ready to be busier, to have a little more daily occupation that will somehow magically fit my skills and availability, will give me an opportunity to meet people and wear my fun clothes.  Anyone in the Houston area looking for a highly trained and experienced pediatric Occupational Therapist (licensed in AB, Canada!) who can’t actually practice OT in the US but nonetheless has great skills and wears great outfits that cost less than dinner at Chick-Fil-A??  Anyone??  It’s a niche resume that apparently is geared towards helping me learn PATIENCE. Gah.


    • nicole

      Thank you!!! I always miss March… and then look forward to next year!!

  1. These are so funny and you look awesome at the same time. You inspire the rest of us to have some fun with how we dress. I’m very jealous of the summer outfits since it still feels like the dead of winter in Alberta. You might even inspire me to get Instagram!

    • nicole

      Your comment was sitting in my spam folder!!! Thank you my friend!! And so glad you DID get IG! Fun times are coming your way!! When are you visiting/starting the Texas compound?!