Pinspired March is always a good time but this year it was EXTRA fun for a few reasons!

  1. I shared how I go about doing Pinspired March which, without sounding too sappy, only deepens the interaction and connection between me and those who read/follow The Spirited Thrifter.
  2. I posted outtakes from every collage on Instagram Story – #outtakesarethebest is a true statement, as anyone who has watched a mediocre blooper reel with faithful hope can attest.
  3. My family really got into it – everyone participated in one way or another, and it was a true joy to see my oldest son’s sense of humour and photographic integrity blossom this year.

People ALWAYS suggest I do Pinspired March collages all the time, but it is not my whole raison d’etre, at least not at this time. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day but for now, March is preserved as that special time of year, even if it does whiz by faster and faster every year. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or if you missed some of the posts, here they are, in chronological order from March 1st to 31st. For ease of scrolling and sheer laziness, I did not include the captions which, frankly, are half the entertainment so y’all really should go read them on Instagram when you have a chance. Scroll all the way through because after, I’ll share the fan faves and my faves! The Making of Pinspired March The Making of Pinspired March

The Making of Pinspired March The Making of Pinspired March The Opportunity Shop at Second Mile by The Spirited Thrifter The Making of Pinspired March The Opportunity Shop at Second Mile by The Spirited Thrifter

YOUR Pinspired March 2019 Faves

The top 3 Pinspired March collages as determined by the number of interactions on Instagram were….

In third place:

“Just pretend like you’re pretty sure you’re going to pee your pants.” 😳- my 13yo photographerHe knows just the cues to capture the photo! 😆I’m wearing a vintage silk skirt WITH POCKETS $4.20, silk Equipment blouse $5, vintage bag $10, t-strap Bussola t-strap sandals $7. And for the record, I don’t *really* have to pee

In second place:

Both Moira and I have sons in these shots who are VERY confused by their mothers’ clothing choices. 🤣🤣🤣 Y’all I have been a huge fan of @schittscreek from the beginning and have loved Catherine O’Hara since SCTV. If you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favour and find out. 🇨🇦 And @instadanjlevy is pure genius. So naturally I was ecstatic to force my son into MY clothes and do a #pinspiredmarch photo. He was also thrilled. 😐

In first place:

The Making of Pinspired March
Just enjoying the pool on a lovely afternoon like a nice normal couple. {the outtakes from this shot are *not* to be missed so head to my Stories and give hump day a little boost}

Y’all just love Schitt’s Creek and Mr. Style. And bad modeling, apparently!

MY Pinspired March 2019 Faves

Allow me to explain my reasons for my choices!

In third place, because the sky cleared right when I needed it to, and my friends were visiting and laughing along with me, and because I actually remembered to bring the photo props including a Buc-ee’s cup:

The Making of Pinspired March
I always take my ping pong paddle to the beach, don’t you?! Extra points if you can identify what makes MY version extra Texan!!P.S. My @bondeyeswim swimsuit was $6.56. It is okay – in fact BRILLIANT – to thrift swimwear, y’all. Just wash and wear, and don’t forget your ping pong paddle

In second place, because it got to the heart of Pinspired March – using pins from Pinterest to inspire how to style my thrifted wardrobe, and in so doing, to show the world that you can buy secondhand slow-fashion and look just as good as when you shop regular retail.

Instead of “Who wore it better?” let’s play “Who paid less?”
Striped tee = $1.25
Yellow @jcrew linen skirt #NWT WITH POCKETS = $1.50
Black belt = $3.50
Black @Frye flats = $9.10
@coach Bag = $0 handmedown from my mil
I have no idea but I would bet 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲
I win. 🏆

And in first place, because I got to use a dress I’ve had for years which was obviously waiting for such a moment as this, and because my son didn’t bat an eye at taking his mom’s photo in her see-through dress and fishing hat:

Who’s going to tell her she forgot her slip? Oh well, who needs a slip during festival season?! 🤣 I DO. Everyone does. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS

Pinspired March is Over… Now What?

I’ve been posting on Insta Stories here and there – it’s just such a quick and easy way to touch base, especially on thrifting trips – and will resume #thriftedootd posts and cocktail posts as soon as I put on some makeup and drink something besides two-buck-chuck! I’ve got some blog posts planned and my Type A side is saying STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND WRITE THEM but my newly discovered Type B side is saying, Chill. Just do them whenever. Either way, time flies when you’re a trophy wife! OR maybe it’s just, time flies for us all, and like good friends, we are happy when see each other and pick up right where we left off!

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Charissa

    Amazing, Nicole! This is just pure fun, and I love that your family got so into it alongside you!

    • nicole

      Thank you for reading! It was a fun month! I’m so glad we had that before this hard heartbreaking season.