When you’re a thrift addict enthusiast, you don’t necessarily thrift less often just because you had a thriftapalooza.  Right, thrifters??!!  So yes, I did some thrifting in February and here’s what I got:

Atmosphere heart-print top $10 which I *had* to have because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day.  So basically, in 10 years the cost-per-wear will be under a dollar! 
New-with-tags cream cardi which I envision with shorts at a wine festival. When is there a wine festival in Houston? Anyone???
Long green cardi, new-with-tags, $8.  As I said on Instagram, for some reason, I don’t love kimonos on me but I am in a long cardi phase.
Free People jean leggings new-with-tags $25 (retail for $58) from Poshmark, also in the photo above.  I had to have these because Jen Hatmaker talked about them on a podcast about fashion with Evereve.  
There was a shipping delay on those Free People leggings so the seller thew in a pair of bonus pants – these cute cropped jeans!  Now that is a good reseller!
Pilcro button up skirt $20 from Poshmark because I need all the denim skirts.  Plus those mules I just can’t stop wearing, $5.45.
Another view of these ah-mazing shoes which are already under $1 cost-per-wear!!
White top $6 and denim print shorts new-with-tags $5, from my IG story the other day.
Wore the shorts the next day!!
Green floral dress $4 which was featured on the March 2nd #pinspiredmarch post…
If you’re not following along on Instagram or Facebook, you’re missing out. #veryseriousposer
Got these $3.50 shorts on the same trip. I’ve been looking for green joggers but this might be a hint that joggers season is almost over in Houston.
The last piece I got on that Feb 28th thrift stop was this $5 new-condition sleeveless polka dot top.
Olive Cynthia Rowley tank for $4.94 that I expect to turn me into Jennifer Aniston as soon as I don it.
Saturday Sunday Anthro-brand cardi-blazer-jacket-swacket $9.59
Last but certainly not least, this new-condition scripture tee for $3.93 that reminds us to REJOICE!

Rejoice even if you spent…

  • Atmosphere heart-print blouse $10
  • Long cream cardi NWT $6
  • Scripture tee $3.93
  • Olive tank $4.94
  • Saturday Sunday blazer $9.59 
  • Long green cardi NWT $8 
  • White cotton top $6
  • Polka dot top $5 
  • Free People jean leggings NWT $25
  • Bonus pants
  • Pilcro denim skirt $20
  • Old navy denim print shorts NWT $6
  • Green shorts $3.50
  • Green floral dress $4
  • Printed mules $5.45
  • TOTAL: $117.41

At an average cost per piece of $7.83, including 4 new-with-tags and most in new condition, I’d say that’s a decent month.  AND, even though it’s only March 3rd, I’m already wearing most of these pieces.  This ain’t Kansas Canada anymore!  What did YOU thrift in February?  Who’s ready to thrift in March?!!

And more importantly, who’s ready to head over to Instagram or Facebook to follow along with the 5th year of Pinspired March!!  In case you’re wondering, that means I’ve been at this longer than Celeste Barber and the many other people who enjoy copying posts and outfits!  I love them all and find them soooo entertaining, but I just want y’all to know, I’m an original.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!  I have so much fun with #veryseriousposing and hope you can follow along to brighten up a long month!  AND, just for funsies, if YOU have a pin that you’d like me to attempt to copy, send it my way either here in the comments, by email at thespiritedthrifter@gmail.com, on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.  If I get a decent selection, I’ll select one and award the winner a prize!  Let the games begin!!  (who needs the Olympics when we’ve got Pinspired March!  Here’s the kick-off post of 2018 in case you missed it…)

The *only* differences between us are:1. My dress only cost $11.90. 2. I’m betting she’s not lounging beside HER pool. HA!(I may not be able to model but I do have a pool, so there


    • nicole

      I saw this when you first commented and have since been looking at the Goodwill racks for a vest! I used to have one long vest but never wore it so I donated it! But it would be a nice layering piece and good to add some outfit interest in the Texas heat! Thanks for your kind words!! Stay tuned!!

  1. I need to say thank you. I had never heard of Aquatalia boots before reading your posts. Last month I was at a local Goodwill and found a pair of Aquatalia boots. I grabbed them and tried them on. Happy to report they were my size. I paid $3.29 for them. Slightly used but look like new after I brushed them with a suede kit. I have worn them 4-5 times already and always get several compliments on them, they are so comfortable. Thank you for blogging about Aquatalia, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how great they are.

    • nicole

      That is a MAJOR THRIFTING SCORE!!! Congrats! I feel like I just got the assist to the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Final! Woot woot! (#Canadian) I’m so happy that I could be of service and that you found such a great piece. The thing about some expensive brands is that they really are superb quality that, with a little TLC, lasts and lasts. Congrats on your great find and thank you for letting me know! Makes my day!

    • nicole

      YESSSSSSS!!!! Thanks for having my back and why didn’t I think to search Eventbrite! The sweater jacket might be a bit small – especially if I go to a bunch of food and wine festivals!! hahah