February has only 28 days but somehow I still managed to thrift about $5 per day!!  BUT it was my birthday month and I found some pieces that I’ve been hunting for a long time AND I scored not one but TWO Diane Von Furstenberg pieces!!  In other words, February was worth every penny!  Here’s what I scored:

What can I say, this top struck me as the perfect Valentines Day top for $7.50 and indeed I wore it on my Valen-birthday but neglected to get much of a photo because I was too busy celebrating, er, and musing
Reading about “beauty lessons” in a mag and it’s all about how you need to do yoga, change your makeup, drink water, cut out sugar blah blah blah blah. With no authority except as a 43-year-old Valen-Birthday woman, I think it’s a lot of bollocks. Eat, drink and move in a way that makes your heart sing, surround yourself with authentic people who do the same, love your God and others, and don’t overthink everything. Because if that isn’t the formula and I have to do that other stuff, I’m in trouble. Cheers to MY version of beauty! Happy birthday to me! 🍷
Pink shirt day top $5.50
Purple floral tunic $7


Diane Von Furstenberg pants $8
Olive Banana Republic joggers $12
BR Sloanes in perfect condition, I might add, for $15
DVF silk wrap dress, $9.80 with a 30% off coupon!!
Wonderland fancy flowy dress – handmade BTW – for $7!
Butterfly print cashmere and silk pashmina $2.80
Liz Claiborne scarf $4.90
Sleeping on Stars infinity scarf $4.90. I have worn this but didn’t take a selfie so it basically didn’t happen.
Mackage leather jacket $30
Black leather jacket $25

Or if you like a bulleted list as much as I do:

  • Pink and green top $7.50
  • Pink shirt day top $5.50
  • Purple floral tunic $7 
  • DVF  pants $8
  • Green BR pants $12
  • Sloanes $15 
  • DVF wrap dress $9.80
  • Wonderland dress $7
  • Butterfly cashmere pashmina $2.80 
  • Blue Liz Claiborne scarf $4.90
  • Staring at Stars scarf $4.90
  • Brown leather Mackage jacket $30
  • Black leather jacket $25
  • TOTAL: $139.40

All in all, the fact that I’ve already worn almost everything points to the fact that I made good February thrifting decisions!  Now, I’m ready to start thrifting Spring clothes!!  Actually, if you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while, you’ll know tomorrow, March 1st, starts the most wonderful time of the year… better stay tuned on Instagram!


  1. Iris Needleman

    Wonderful finds. Very inspirational. Must go thrifting today. Two questions. Is your closet bursting and do you sell on ebay?

    • nicole

      Thank you for your comment!! I have a sizable closet (and have shared all about it on the blog if you’re interested!) that can handle my ample collection! 😀 I do not sell on EBay – lack of time and energy! I do however regularly edit and donate and/or take the pieces I’m done with to clothing swaps.