Y’all. It has been a whirlwind lately. I don’t know if I’m getting older and moving slower or just getting less done in my new trophy-wife pace of life. Either way, I’m behind in sharing my recent thrifts. My sister Shannon came in January and had a nice long visit and we did A LOT of thrifting! It was glorious! So, throughout February I’m going to share our sister thrifting adventures in a series of posts starting with our first little thrift stop – Katy Christian Ministries Resale Store!

Sisters Thrift at KCM
Now that it’s happened twice, I expect Shannon’s January visits to be an anuual thing!

Our day started off with a lovely tea date at a little local tea parlour!

Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
Kay’s Tea Parlour is lovely and delish! I am now addicted to dressed scones.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
The tea cup even matched her ensemble!

After tea, we headed to KCM Resale Store and proceeded to gather more than we could carry!

Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Why I didn’t get a cart is beyond me! I think I fooled myself into thinking I would just browse.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
It seemed to be shoe day at KCM!! I didn’t get these but I certainly admired them!!
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Spotted some cute Melissa’s but they weren’t my size and needed some TLC.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
I *did* find a super cute Chico’s top for $2. Fresh out of stripes.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Good bum coverage. ;P
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Scored a pair of perfect condition embellished Volatile flip flops for $2! Now just waiting for Houston “winter” to pass so I can wear them for 11 months of the year! 😀 Also scored a novel I’ve been wanting read: “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” along with Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Ford’s novel “Canada”! I need to go read now, k bye.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
Scored these leather Oh! Healthy Heels leather ankle boots and Shannon literally made me wear them out of the store in place of the clownish shoes I had worn in. They really did instantly elevate my outfit – not that I got a photo, you’ll have to take my word for it. $4 well spent!
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale Store
Shannon found these AH-MAZING Via Spiga suede ankle boots for something ridiculous like $3.
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
Shannon also found… confidence. {Oh the seventies…}

I had a few other options and had them in my hand but literally dropped them (!) when I found a THRIFTING FIRST! A score for the thrifting hall of fame, in my size and in amazing condition…

Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
MANOLO BLAHNIK leather sling backs for $4!
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
I have no idea where I will wear these beauties but I firmly believe that if you thrift the shoes and the event will come!
{Who’s inviting me to a party???!}

So basically, I’m Carrie in Sex in the City now…

Nicole R. starring in “Sex Thrifting in the City Suburbs”!

All in all, it was a thoroughly successful first stop of our annual January thrifting tour! We wrapped up our day by joining my brand new 11-year-old for lunch at school!

Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
oh my heart
Sisters Thrift at KCM Resale
You know Shannon REALLY loves him if she was willing to tolerate the school cafeteria in honour of his birthday!

We went to MANY more thrift stores in Houston throughout January and I’m going to share them store by store, and I’m working on wearing my finds piece by piece, outfit by outfit, on Instagram! Hope you enjoy and remember that thrift finds are all the more sweet once shared! {So what have YOU thrifted lately?!!}

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Henrietta Lacks is an AMAZING read. Great find! Yay for Hall of Fame finds!

    • I can’t wait to read it (just after I finish the library books that are due soon!!). Thanks for reading! xoxo

  2. I live in Richmond, VA and my best friend has a country home about 25 miles from Henrietta Lacks homeplace. I started a book club 18 years ago and are still running strong. We read the book, it’s fantastic, and then saw not only her old homeplace, but the town of Clover and Henrietta’s grave. A great day in book group!

    • That’s awesome! I am in a few book clubs and would be in more if I had time! I love reading and I love talking about books!

  3. Leah Storrow Reply

    I loved those slingbacks even before I knew they were name brand.

    • Thank you! They are a score! And matched everything else I tried on when I wore them! #meanttobe

  4. Nice! I like both the Manolos and the Via Spigas. It sounds like a fun outing!

    • Thanks!! Luckily my sis and I have different size feet so we didn’t fight over them! ;P It was fun, can’t wait till she returns! Thanks for reading!

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