Whenever my sister Shannon visits from Canada, we spend most of our time engaged in our favourite therapeutic pasttime – THRIFTING, of course. You’d think I would have already taken her to all my fave thrift shops… but this one emerged as a top contender after her last visit. My friend Elisa and I discovered the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Resale Shop one happy thrifting afternoon and now go every time we get together! The selection is great, the prices are great – as tends to be the case with little thrift – and the proceeds serve the community. Did I mention their one dollar items???!!!

Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
Shannon and Elisa now automatically stop for the obligatory pre-shop selfie! xoxo
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
Wearing a dress I thrifted last time I went to St. Vincent’s with Elisa! It was a surprisingly chilly day!

This thrift stop, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the store has had some work done! Some organizational work! The staff and volunteers have obviously been working very hard to tidy things up! It looks great {though maybe trying a little too hard to be like Goodwill which IMHO is entirely unnecessary; you’re charming and wonderful just as you are, Vincent!!}. The fitting room sitch is the same – a tent of sorts which was occupied by a very happy woman finding many great pieces – so we had to try on in the aisles! But first, a few pieces I didn’t get…

Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
I might have overlooked my dislike of cowl necks if this had been in my size! Irridescent purpley tealy Halston just *asking* for some matching eyeshadow and accessories!
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
VINTAGE secretary blouse or ‘tie-front’ blouse if you’re woke. Either way, it was too small. OR was I thinking too small?!! Maybe my new career should be as a secretary in tight vintage blouses? Jk. Don’t worry. I’d be like the grandma secretary that keeps everyone in line. {I have invented a whole movie to go with a blouse I didn’t get… #boredtrophywife}
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
More vintage!! I LOVE vintage but think it has to be worn by the right person in the right way otherwise you just end up looking like you never got rid of your sweater from 1988.
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
I debated long and hard about this whimsical bag. I probably should have bought it!! #thriftregret I love adding interesting accessories, shoes and bags to otherwise plain outfits to express my style!
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
I DID get this funky vintage bracelet AND it was 50% off green tags! YES please!
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
I also got this vintage silver dress and instantly turned into a couture model… JK!!! I might have had the neck not been so tight. I conclude I need a more exciting life so I have somewhere to wear these awesome unique pieces. The bus stop moms already think I’m “the Crazy Canadian.”
Would YOU rock a silver dress? Eh hem, in one’s mid-forties??!
Sisters Thrift at St Vincent de Paul Resale Shop
I also got this pretty dress WITH POCKETS I MEAN SNACK HOLES for one dolla!!! And you can bet I’ll wear it to the bus stop!! LOVE it! xoxoxoxo

I got a few other pieces but neglected to get proper photos in the store, so here’s a run down:

  • vintage mint cardigan with amazing buttons for $1. I’m wearing it today so head over to Instagram in a couple hours for a peek!
  • a silk blouse for $1 that, upon closer inspection, had a hole by the boob/underarm area. Rookie mistake to buy something with a hole and it happened twice…
  • black wool sweater for $1 that I should have known was too good to be true. I guess moth holes happen for realz. Sad.
  • rust J brand jeans with a tag that says 32 but I could barely squeeze my rear end into them therefore THEY DON’T COUNT. I’ll post them on Poshmark unless something miraculously happens OR I decide to exercise. {i.e., unlikely}

All in all, I scored, Shannon scored, Elisa scored and a wonderful time was had by all. I count myself immeasurably blessed to be with my favourite people doing my favourite thing!

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Iris Needleman

    Wish I had that Iris handbag. I’ll be looking for that whenever I thrift. Do you know the designer?

    • nicole

      OH! I wish I would have bought it then I could have sent it to YOU! I don’t remember the designer but I did check the label so it must not have been a name-brand because I would have remembered. If I see one again, I will snag it for you!! xoxo

  2. Love your bus-stop dress with snack holes!
    Don’t forget to bring your reusable shopping bags with you when you hit the shops! 🙂

    • nicole

      Yes ma’am! I usually remember to bring one and if not, I sometimes thrift a bag and then use that. 😀

  3. Loved the 1988 sweater remark — my mother had a ’70s sweater that she still called her “new sweater” as recently as 3 years ago. You scored some great stuff — that bracelet! Snack holes dress! (and I laughed at your silver dressface!!)

    • nicole

      haha thanks!! I find vintage is a little harder to pull off as I get, eh hem, older but I am still drawn to the vintage pieces wherever I go! Thanks for reading!

  4. On your recommendation, visited this thrift store today and because of your post I was able to figure out about the dressing room/tent! Found a few items and had a great time. And actually saw that 80’s sweater that you feature in your post. Looks like something that you’d see on The Goldbergs. Place is well organized — once I figured out that racks are organized by groupings of large of the same color and then other racks of small of the same colors. For the first-timer, the organization is a bit of a puzzle.

    • nicole

      Yayy! I’m so glad you went! They’ve actually just reogranized and I think are still in process; I agree, it’s a bit confusing. It used to be that all the sale stuff was at the back and the dollar stuff was in there. This trip, I found colour-tag dollar items and 50% colour-tag sale items throughout the store. AND my friend Elisa learned that they don’t always have the dollar sale and not necessarily on the same day of the week either. Next time I go, I’ll probably call first and confirm the sales! It’s still fun though!!

  5. Wow, that pretty dress for $1 ? Awesome! Ha, it’s always such fun to read thrifting recaps and see the unique stuff people find, especially at great prices!

    • nicole

      Thanks! My hope is to inspire others to give thrifting a try (and ultimately to make it their go-to)! Thanks again for reading and commenting! Makes my day!