We’ve talked many times before about how thrifting isn’t necessarily about what you buy but the therapeutic process of it, blah blah blah.  Nonetheless, every time I find a good thrift score – a good brand, a designer piece, something new with tags, a contemporary trend, and the list goes on – I get an extra thrill!  I am *always* on the lookout for good quality Anthropologie pieces and on a recent thrift trip, I stumbled across a gorgeous piece on my way out.  I could hardly believe my luck and was incredulous that anyone would let go of such a beautiful piece of wearable art.  And for $6.30, it was in my cart fast than you can say “Merry Christmas to me.”  I wore it today:

  1. to church
  2. to hockey
  3. to host my second family Christmas dinner this weekend
And that’s why I have wine.  Santa looks like he’s about to pat me on the head.  Thanks Giant Santa, at this time of year, moms appreciate every last bit of encouragement.
What Santa? What wine? All I see is a gorgeous sweater.
My friend Natalie (who just had a beautiful baby boy – congrats!!!) wore a Sleeping on Snow sweater a while back, and since then, I’ve admired the brand. This piece has cloth-covered snaps and tends to flop open, obscuring the applique. Perhaps that’s why it was donated?!! I simply pinned the top to solve the problem. #macgyver
This was an extraordinary day. Overnight, the temperature rose 20 degrees! It was still -5 but it felt like summer! What a boost to the spirits!
Worn with my $15.40 A Reve dress, $11.90 burgundy booties, vintage earrings from my sis and grey tights from my closet. Turns out this is exactly how I styled this dress for winter before… oops. No wonder it just felt right!

I wouldn’t exactly take a nap in the snow in this sweater (!), but it was quite cozy without being too hot and it was the perfect not-too-dressy-not-too-slobby-relaxed piece for a family Christmas dinner.

Cheers to great thrift finds from my very serious household to yours!

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