Now that Pinspired March 3.0 has concluded, I need a new project.  When I looked ahead to my April calendar, I realized I have two upcoming clothing swaps.  Having just attended a clothing swap, I thought, “What am I going to take?  I have hardly anything…”

Great Closet Konmari

I regularly edit my closet, but since doing the Konmari process and being more mindful about my purchases, I have less and less that needs to be edited!  That doesn’t mean I have a small wardrobe (in case that’s not obvious, guffaw) or that I wear my pieces over and over; I have a large wardrobe of mostly quality pieces – in durability or uniqueness – and essential basics that I wear regularly.  Yet there are several pieces that are iffy for me.  Do they still spark joy?  Some, I haven’t even worn.  Do they spark joy at all?  SO, I will spend April styling those pieces and deciding whether they stay or go, whether they spark joy or should head for the clothing swap.

The first piece to face the Spark or Swap trial is my newspaper-print coat scored last summer at The Thrift Shop in Spruce Grove …

Newspaper-print coat
Have you ever seen a newspaper-print coat before? Me neither, so for $6 this came home with me.

I only wore this coat once before the weather turned cold and I had a bad hair day and took a blurry selfie so the memory of the coat was not entirely positive.  I generally advise against editing off-season pieces, so I have been hanging onto it waiting to give it another go.

Denim sheath dress $11, Bussola sandals $7, accessories are a mix of thrifted and She Does Create.
Denim sheath dress $11.90, Bussola sandals $7, accessories are a mix of thrifted and She Does Create.

newspapercoat3 newspapercoat1 newspapercoat2 newsprint

The coat is light weight – so much so that it looks like real newspaper at first glance!  My daughter had to verify that it wasn’t newspapers several times.  And for some reason, the fact that it’s newsprint made me want to do this…


(still a VSP – Very Serious Poser)

did get several compliments on my newsprint coat and I did like this easy ensemble… What do YOU think?!  Help me decide if my iffy pieces are “Spark or Swap” in the comments!   

I’m keeping the dog no question, but should I keep the coat?!


  1. Shannon Ebbesen

    Love the new project… The coat is an interesting one-of-a-kind piece that would also look cute with a white tee, jeans and a statement necklace…I say keep!

  2. Deanna Yoder Hassey

    I agree w/ Shannon but I say swap U0001f633

  3. Krista Wirtz Regier

    I love the newsprint coat. I would keep it! If you go for swap, want to raid my closet!?

  4. Peni Christopher

    If you get bored, you can always read your jacket. A keeper, I think.

  5. MarciaFerris

    Spark! This is so cute. It would go with anything and you wouldn’t blend in.

  6. Suzanne Dennis

    spark-too unique not to get at least one season out of it!!!