People keep asking me if I am shopping more or spending more now that I have undertaken the adventure of shopping second-hand for myself for a year.  The short answer is: no.  I estimate I’m spending about the same or less, and going shopping about as often as usual.  The long answer is: it’s complicated.  Until recently, I was still fluctuating in my efforts to get back to pre (three) pregnancy size and I didn’t really know what in my wardrobe would fit once I landed in a comfortable place.  Or what I would like.  Since last spring, I’ve been working through my old wardrobe, weeding out unflattering pieces and incorporating some new pieces.  Then I had my first turn in Splurge Sorority and did some hard core shopping – for the me I find myself at now!  (see, told you it was complicated)  What I’m saying is, I didn’t have a real shopping baseline before I started this, so it is hard to make an accurate comparison.  But yes, VV Boutique has allowed me to augment my wardrobe in ways I never would have otherwise; I do not have the budget, and I could not justify the cost of regular retail.

Take for example these pants:

Orange chinos $3 VV Boutique
Scored at the 50% off sale – awesome!!

I love me some coloured pants, but even an inexpensive (regular retail) pair might not get enough airtime for a good cost-per-wear finale.  However, at the VV Boutique price, I’m certain to get cost-per-wear under a dollar – which is my goal for all pieces (regular retail and thrifting), with the exception of special occasion pieces (e.g., Christmas dresses).  I also like to consider how many ways I can wear a piece.  Before this adventure, I would aim for 5 ways minimum; now I like to find at least one style per dollar cost.  So here are three ways to wear my $3 pants:

 Striped Gap tee $6, gray V-neck $10 Joe and scarf $5 H&M
Gray flats $4 VV Boutique

This one is based on this pin

orange pants + stripped shirt + sweater + scarf
I tried to be all casual about showing my under-layer just like this model.
But in reality I would straighten things out.  Just wanted you to know it was on purpose.

Style #2 – Colour blocking! 

Blue Gap knit tee circa 2007
Black velvet blazer from Target circa 2004

Based on this pin

Just got orange pants!
Me and Jess are samesies.

 And last, colour blocking and camel…

Camel sweater circa 2007
Fuchsia belt $4 VV Boutique
Green flats circa 2007

Based on this pin

i am so loving ORANGE right now...yes, i want me some orange pants!

And that is just the tip of the orange-pant iceberg!!  I actually wore them to work with a different top last week but didn’t have time to snap a photo…

Conclusion: these orange pants are a great VV Boutique buy and welcome addition to my wardrobe!

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