If you’re keeping track, you know that I have shared 6 of the 7 Essential Pieces of a Colourful Wardrobe:

  1. the essential mustard cardi
  2. the essential accessory
  3. the essential shoe
  4. the essential scarf
  5. the essential pants
  6. the essential blazer

And if you know me at all, you know this list isn’t complete without talking about DRESSES!  I love dresses!  I was feeling a little embarrassed about how many dresses I have until I saw the Kitchen Magpie’s Pyrex collection, and then I realized, we all have our treasures.  Dresses happen to be mine!  (Um, er, maybe also blazers and shoes and scarves… and coats.)  In my self-declared expert opinion, the one dress that every colourful wardrobe needs is the…

RED DRESS!!  (Some of us have a few red dress options!)

The red dress says, I love colour and I’m not afraid to show it.  The red dress goes to Black Tie and draws every eye in the room.  The red dress is vibrant passion, energy, heat and spice and if you don’t already have one, you need one.  I had a hard time deciding which red dress to wear and so I ended up wearing TWO!

Isabel Marant dress , Kenneth Cole blazer, Miz Mooz boots
Isabel Marant silk dress $9.10, Michael Kors blazer gifted but thrifted for $7, Miz Mooz boots $7.50 , belt from my collection

One of the things I love about thrifting is that you can take high-end designer pieces like these and wear them for an ordinary day because you paid so little!  In other words, thrifting frees you to enjoy your clothes rather than saving them for a special occasion.

Red fox with the red dress… Hey foxy lady!!  

The Essential Dress of a Colourful Wardrobe

I loved this outfit – the contrasting bright blazer for Bright Blazer Week – but it didn’t feel right for my day so I changed!

Everly dress $4.20, denim $2.80.
Everly dress $4.20, denim $2.80.
Still foxy! Love this piece by She Does Create!
Still foxy! Love this piece by She Does Create!

The red dress can stand boldly alone or mix with the rest of your colourful wardrobe!  It can be any shade, any style but what it can’t be is not in yo’ closet!  And if you don’t heed my advice, I’ll come stand at your window and rap and say “yo” and “shizzle” and such.  No one wants that.  Just get a red dress.  In fact, add all the essentials to your thrift hunting list and enjoy mixing and matching and stepping out in your full glorious colourful style!


Here are all 7 Essential Pieces of a Colourful Wardrobe!  Now, go forth and thrift!



  1. Shannon Ebbesen

    I was trying to think how I could rap a comment to yo…however I haven’t had my coffee yet

  2. Kimberly T

    So, apparently I need to go shopping!!! Because even though I have a closet full of dresses, I do not have a red dress!! Well, there is one that’s kinda orangish/redish that is really more orange than red, so it probably doesn’t really count, so obviously I need to go shopping! 😉