Well, things have been leading up to this post.  The big movethe stress of everythingthe change in my roles… the change in the weather… Yes, the time has come to say goodbyeto some clothes.  ;p  Did I have you worried?  If so, YESSSSS!  I was going for drama.  I find ways to amuse myself.

It’s true though.  All those factors have led me to some closet edits, which I tend to do on an ongoing basis whether or not I shout it from the internet.  To be honest, I’m wont to donate a whole lot more than what you’ll see below, but I’m reminding myself not to be hasty, to wait a year – yes, a whole year – before I unleash my closet editing desires!  (There’s the drama again, as dramatic as cleaning out one’s closet can be.)  I don’t yet know how “cold” it will get in the winter; I don’t yet know if I’ll work and if so, where; I don’t yet know if I will ever fit wear pants again.  However, I do know that the following pieces have had their day and their day is done.

Love the colours in this dress but alas this was the empire-waist that broke the not-pregnant-girl’s back. No more. Never again. A Texas-sized serving of NOPE to empire waists.
Nice knowing you, hope you find a real pregnant girl who’ll love you.
This dress is so soft but it has an empire waist. I love you but I can do better.
I thrifted this dress recently and thought it would be perfect for Houston and it almost is… except for that empire waist. I could try to improve my posture but that’s too much work for a trophy wife.
Just like posture is hard, so are some clothes, like strapless dresses. I thought I would wear this all the time here but it requires a strapless bra and have you ever tried to wrestle on a strapless bra in 40 degree heat and a million percent humidity? No? Me neither.
Ditto this dress. I did try it on without a bra during a bout of wishful thinking that was quickly subdued by the… gravity of the situation.
I know many people don’t mind their bra straps showing but I’ve never been a fan of that look, so this dress would need a strapless bra too by Nicole Standards.  Even stripes can’t save you.
Another cute piece falls victim to the requirement of a strapless bra.
Speaking of difficult clothes, how about them jumpers/jumpsuits/rompers? This one miraculously fit me but I had to dislocate a shoulder to “gracefully” slip it off and use the ladies’ room. Ain’t nobody got time for that (literally, I almost peed my pants).
And to round out the collection of difficult clothes, these shorts were dirt cheap and de-momified with a little diy frayed hem, but they still gave me something that rhymes with “mammal foe” so they HAVE TO GO.
Now onto the “Meh Collection.” Just because I’m not at work doesn’t mean I have to settle for boring.
I can’t believe I’m saying this about chambray, but this one is meh. It’s too heavy and boxy to do what it ought to be doing in my wardrobe. Get out and make way for something better!
I figure if I haven’t worn a sleeveless top by now in Houston, it won’t ever be worn. There should be some sort of prize for whoever finds this Reitmans top in the Houston thrift store!
I only recently thrifted this dress and thought I would like it but it’s just too meh.  A girl needs a bit of sass in her clothes.
Y’all, turns out I don’t like v-neck tees. I’ve thrifted enough of them to be considered a slow learner.
I share this dress as a thrift lesson. I was so taken by the fact that it is linen and had pockets and was only 25 cents that I missed the fact that it had two little holes right in the front.  Rookie mistake.
And last but not least, I wore this outfit today and had to come to grips with something difficult. My favoured mustard t-strap sandals, purchased way back in 2012 before I started this thrifting journey, just don’t work for me anymore. My pinky toes stick out and they just aren’t comfortable.
The shoes that launched a love of mustard!

C’est ca!  Au revoir mes amis!  Thank you for serving my closet so well!


  1. This post was great to read because I am in the process of doing a closet purge myself. Do you ever save special pieces that don’t fit anymore just because they are well made or one of a kind (vintage)? That’s my biggest hurdle. I believe you did some kind of thrifting challenge last year where you posted a daily purge? Any plans to do that again?

    • nicole

      Great question. I do have a few special memento pieces like the white mini skirt I wore in Korea in 1996 or my Levis 501s from the same time period! I also have some designer pieces – a vintage Christian Dior suit in perfect condition, for example – that I’m keeping with the hope of passing on to my daughter. I ALSO have several special dresses just waiting for a party! If it’s hanging in your closet, the party will come??? I think that’s how it goes! I do tend to keep one of a kind “special” pieces because they are irreplaceable. I did the closet purge “Closet Minimalism Game” last November and have meant ever since to get it in downloadable form onto my site but haven’t done that yet. I would definitely have to update it for the warm weather climate I now live in. I will try to get it ready to go!

  2. I’m in the middle of another purge too that includes some recently thrifted items, whoops. I thrifted a lot over the summer to experiment with different work clothing styles and also because I didn’t know what my laundry rotation was going to be like. You know the deal.

    I’m with you on the v-neck tops. Those thin gauzy ones that show half your bra (or in my case my whole flat chest) need to go. I don’t understand why womens v-neck tops can’t be more modest like the men’s versions. If I have to wear a tank top underneath what is the point of a t-shirt?

    • nicole

      I actually almost donated a couple sheer print tops that require a layering tank but thought they might work when it gets a little cooler so I can tolerate that extra layer but if I don’t wear them soon, they’re going! The tees present a problem too for those of us not in a season of tucking (!). They just hang there shapeless and frumpy and no one needs that kind of negativity in their life!

  3. Mammal foe! So great!! Glad you’re not going anywhere.

  4. I need to do a good purge to get rid of meh clothes. Thanks for the reminder. Then I need to go thrifting to get some woohoo clothes. Wish you were here to help.